Chicago students allegedly trash Walmart during the National School Walkout protest

Chicago high school students vandalized a Walmart on Wednesday, witnesses said.

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Approximately 60 students from Chicago high school of their time during the National School Walkout protest to wreak havoc on a Walmart, witnesses say — and the police are investigating.

Walmart shoppers and store employees were shocked by the devastation allegedly caused by Simeon Career Academy students on Wednesday morning, FOX 32 reported.

Here is extended footage of the walkout protesters trashing the Chicago Walmart

— The Red Elephants ? (@RealRedElephant) March 16, 2018

“These guys jacked up our store pretty well,” a Walmart employee told conservative news site The Red Elephants. “They popped up on cars in the lot, destroyed two of the school buses parked, threw Gatorade bottles at the shoppers, smoke bombs, and we heard shooting in the parking lot.”

The police are trying to identify between 40 and 60 students who took the five-minute walk from the school and allegedly in the trash parts of the store, knocking over product displays, yanking items off the shelves, breaking packages, and the stealing of small items, such as chips and candy.

Simeon High School students in the recycle bin Walmart during the “Walkout protest’ – threw food on the shoppers, threw smoke bombs, jumped on cars, and Walmart employees tell us that they heard multiple shots in the parking lot during rampage

The full Story Here:

— The Red Elephants ? (@RealRedElephant) March 16, 2018

“We are very concerned that a walkout intended to promote peace instead led to vandalism and violence, a Chicago Public Schools spokesperson said in a statement.

A number of students echoed that sentiment, just as the 21st Ward Alderman Treasure Brookins, who has helped in getting Walmart to move to the south side.


“We have worked hard to try to get these national retailers here in our community. And this doesn’t help us. It makes no sense to move to the community that you call home,” Brookins said.

A Chicago police spokesman said the students will be charged with a violation and sanctioned with the school.

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