Chicago police chief takes heat against dismissal of officers connected to deadly shootings

Chicago-police superintendent Eddie Johnson comes in at a press conference announcing the Department want to hire almost Sept 1,000 new police officers in Chicago. 21, 2016.


As Chicago debates new measures in the fight against gun violence, mayor Rahm Emanuel’s police Commissioner finds himself in conflict with a police oversight Agency — and even with some of his supporters among the city’s African-American leaders.

Police Commissioner Eddie Johnson rejected the Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA)’s recommendation that he reported the fire, an officer fatally shot two people in the year 2015, the Chicago Tribune.

Disciplinary officials had asked officer Robert Rialmo is burning because of the deaths of Quintonio LeGrier, 19, and Bettie Jones, 55. Rialmo is white and both LeGrier and Jones were black.

Johnson, who is black, noted that Rialmo was justified, measures to be taken against LeGrier, with the argument that LeGrier swung reported a bat to the officer, rendering LeGrier a perpetrator, of the Tribune. Jones was a bystander who was shot, accidentally, officials said.

Chicago’s top cop, the officer was entitled, in the contentious 2015, the shoot of a bat-wielding teen, killed the spectators

— Chicago Tribune (@Chicago tribune) March 27, 2018

Johnson “would be the simple solution, politically, and decided against” Rialmo, city, Ald. Nick Sposato told the Tribune. “I just want to make praise, Eddie johnson for the right thing to do, for the courage to do this.”

But Johnson’s verdict is not the final word and his decision could have reported the establishment of a “rare battle” with the police disciplinary officials, the Tribine. He now has to see it, along with the COPA-heads of state and government, of whether they reach an agreement on the case.

If Johnson and COPA officials can’t agree, then the matter to a member of the Chicago police Board, which you can fire either accept the superintendent position or the side with COPA and send the case to the full police Board for the hearings on Rialmo potential, the newspaper reported.

To lead Panel of civic and community leaders co-chaired by city Council ally of mayor Rahm Emanuel taps veteran Status, law enforcement authority, Chicago police oversight Agency

— Chicago Tribune (@Chicago tribune) March 28, 2018

Meanwhile, several African-American aldermen in the city have blasted are Johnson’s, saying that the officer responsible graduated in LeGrier-Jones case, would be likely to inflame the community.

“The reaction is outrage,” Ald. Roderick Sawyer, Chairman of the city Council’s Black Caucus, told the Chicago Sun-Times. “People are pretty excited, because this is an innocent woman, shot and killed answering the door.”

“It is a counter-reaction,” agreed Ald. Emma-gloves, “because two people are an innocent bystander, and a mentally ill person were killed –.”

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel delivers a speech about the city’s rise in violence in Chicago, Sept. 22, 2016.


The Rialmo case collected subjected to intensive tests, because the first officer was shooting involved, since the court mandated release to shoot a month before the video of a Caucasian officer Afro-American teen Laquan McDonald 16 times, in 2014, the Tribune reported.

#Chicago police supt. rejects the findings, says the cop justified deadly 2 shoot

— Chicago Sun-Times (@Suntimes) March 28, 2018

COPA was born out of the controversy, the newspaper noted. On Tuesday, a search Committee announced that he had determined, made by Emanuel, a veteran state law enforcement officials, COPA new boss.

Sydney Roberts, the Director of the Illinois Secretary of state police since the year of 2010, the COPA is reported to lead, in the Tribune.

Meanwhile, an Illinois house sommittee a hearing on Tuesday about the new gun control measures, where opponents and supporters expressed reported their views, Fox 32 Chicago.

“Over the weekend, I know personally that were killed five people, by force of arms, while we are squabbling about who has done what,” educators Gayinga Washington told the panel. It is Simmons the grief over the death of her friend, Darnell, who was fatally shot during the rescue of his son last week.

“Blood spilling in the streets every day. I know not to worry about it, if you are a Republican or a Democrat or in-between,” Washington. “What me to we solve this problem is interested in now.”

Amy Lieu is a news editor and a reporter for Fox News.

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