Chicago officer interview process sparks legal battle

CHICAGO – Lawyers prosecuting a Chicago police officer in 2014, the death of a black teenager has said that the officer be imprisoned, or his bond raised after he gave a newspaper an interview about one of the nation’s most notorious police shootings caught on video.

Special prosecutor Joseph McMahon said the interview violated a judge’s order prohibiting Jason From Dike, are lawyers or law enforcement officials of the discussion of the evidence or the expected testimony in the case.

Van Dijk is a lawyer, Daniel Herbert, disputed that his client in an interview with the Chicago Tribune breaking of the long-existing order, says Van Dijk was “very careful not to discuss evidence in the case or the shooting itself.”

Instead, he said, Van Dijk was the exercise of his First Amendment right of free speech in the interview, he talked about his personal feelings, the effect of the case on his family and his belief that he is a political scapegoat.

Judge Vincent Gaughan, who had a tight control over the case, has sealed numerous documents and prohibited lawyers from discussing the case outside the courtroom. A question that could come up in the hearing is the question of whether some of van Dijk’s comments, including his statement that he would not have fired his weapon if he does not believe that a life is in danger, a discussion of the evidence.

The interview was the top story Wednesday in the Tribune on the front page. The Audio of the interview was used by the public radio station WBEZ. Van Dijk also gave an interview to the Chicago-area Fox station.

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