‘Chicago Fire’ star Taylor Kinney helps a Pennsylvania driver with a blown tire

Taylor Kinney, has a man whose car’s tire blew out on christmas Eve.
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“Chicago Fire” star Taylor Kinney was hailed as a good Samaritan on christmas Eve, after he was a man whose band blew up in Lancaster, Pa.

Chris Kurtz told Lancaster Online he was driving to a store on christmas Eve with his wife, Aimee, when they saw pieces of a tire on the road of a sedan. She pulled to see if the driver of the limousine, Cary Ahl, was OK, but were surprised that Kinney was already there to help. Kinney was driving his pickup truck when he pulled over to help the man.


“I had noticed that there was a lord was come up out of the pick-up truck and took his cowboy hat off,” Chris Kurtz said. “He walked up to the man slowly. … There was, Taylor Kinney, just help.”

Kurtz said Kinney asked Ahl if he wanted him to take away from the band blown for him. Ahl accepted the offer. Kurtz went to the house to his SUV to take Ahl house, while Kinney remained behind and kept him company. When Kurtz back, when he realized that the good Samaritan was Kinney, a native of Pennsylvania. He has a photo of the actor.

“He’s kind of — like Santa Claus — type left off into the sunset, sort of,” Kurtz said. “He put his hat back on, made sure the man was OK, and then left.”

Kurtz, said that his daughter is a big fan of Kinney, who starred in her favorite show “Vampire Diaries” and was sad to hear she missed the chance to meet him.


“Aimee, my wife, and said: ‘That is how the universe works. Only organic, you end up meeting some cool people,'” Kurtz said. “So that’s exactly what happened to us at the corner on the Eve of Christmas.”

Kinney, 37, currently stars on the hit drama “Chicago Fire” and appeared in movies such as “The Other Woman” and “Zero Dark Thirty.” He was engaged to singer Lady Gaga after the two went out in 2011. They called their engagement in July 2016.

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