Chic Looks for Chilly Weather

Chic Looks for Chilly Weather

Dressing with style can be challenging in the winter time when it’s more important to stay warm than look cool. Those truly dedicated to their style can end up sacrificing warmth for comfort, but you don’t have to. Alpaca clothing perfectly combines comfort, warmth, and style for a chic look that can actually be worn year round.

High quality alpaca clothing is made from Peruvian alpaca wool in 22 natural colors that can be found in shades of black, white, gray, brown, and red. Baby alpaca wool comes from the soft, downy undercoat of adult alpacas and is used to make clothing, blankets, and other garments that are worn against the skin. The coarser overcoat is used to make over-garments like coats and jackets and household products such as rugs. Both types of alpaca wool are:

  • • dust, dirt, and water resistant
  • • easy to care for
  • • extremely durable
  • • ultra lightweight, soft, and warm

Baby alpaca wool is finely spun and knit into beautiful garments that are lightweight yet extremely warm. At the same time, the lightweight wool wicks moisture away from the body to keep you dry and cool. The result is a perfect natural fiber that can be made into a variety of different garments.

Alpaca sweaters are some of the finest and most popular alpaca wool clothing products available. Unlike bulky sheep’s wool sweaters, alpaca sweaters are light, flowing, and complementary to the figure. A classy, sleeveless alpaca sweater dress can be worn with alpaca wool tights, leggings, or socks in the winter and alone with heels on a summer night. An alpaca cardigan or shawl can be used as a cover up for the dress on a chilly evening.

Alpaca accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves, and socks are a must-have for any wardrobe. These stylish and affordable bits of flair are a great way to look good while you stay warm. Alpaca socks keep feet warmer and dryer than any other type of sock without any of the bulk. Knee-high alpaca socks are a fun and fashionable way to stay warm at both semi-formal and casual functions.

Alpaca coats and jackets are warm enough for extremely cold climates, while alpaca capes, shawls and cardigans are the perfect layer for rapidly changing fall and spring conditions. Every closet should contain one of each for optimal year-round coverage in natural alpaca fiber.

Alpaca garments in natural colors are easy to match to any wardrobe and provide the type of high-quality, long-lasting, timeless clothing that a person will own for years to come as a favorite clothing item.

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