‘Chemopomp can lifetime stretch in metastatic colon cancer to the liver

‘Chemopomp can lifetime stretch in metastatic colon cancer to the liver

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People with colon cancer and metastases in the liver, according to researchers longer able to live by a special chemopomp.

According to research of the Erasmus MC under 2.000 American patients that Friday is published in the journal of clinical oncology.

The chemopomp that will be used in the Erasmus MC will be applied to patients with liver metastatic colorectal cancer. The method is in the United states for twenty years and has success. “Patients on average live two years longer,” says surgeon-oncologist, Bas Groot Koerkamp.

Per year, about 13,000 Dutch the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Of them have 1,500 and metastases in the liver that surgery to remove. “The cancer is removed. The metastases as well, but because we don’t see everything they come up with 80 percent of the patients back. And then it is no longer curable,” says Big ” Together.

During the operation in which the metastases are removed, the chemopomp in the abdomen are placed. The pump is as big as a ijshockeypuck and is just under the skin. Since the syringe pump, the chemovloeistof in.


“The pump sits on the artery and leads directly to the chemo to the liver. Because it is used locally is the only place in the body. If you can get a very high concentration to use, and be healthy liver cells are largely spared.”

By this method, the patient has also a lower burden of side effects like hair loss and nausea that are associated with the common chemotherapy through the drip. The pump places cost € 3,000 and the chemovloeistof costs 60 euro per filled pump.

According to Groot Koerkamp, the treatment would, therefore, for pharmacists an uninteresting investment. “They earn hardly anything, in comparison to cancer drugs that 100,000 euros per patient per year costs.” The current research by the DUTCH Cancer society funded.

The results from the U.s. study are in accordance with Large Koerkamp spectacular. “But we need the results now in the Netherlands confirm by two identical patient groups with and without the pump to compare.”

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