Cheese, bubbelgum or caramel-sea salt: What is the most popular kruidnoot?

‘Kruidnoten’ are there today in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The flavors of caramel-sea salt to limoncello, cheese and sour mat. Of course, there are also the old familiar tastes of chocolate and natural. What kruidnoot is this year the most popular?

In the Netherlands every year about seven billion ‘kruidnoten’ fried. These include the traditional roomboterkruidnoten, but also the versions with different toppings. These are usually made of a thin layer of chocolate and a special flavor.

Bubblegum, acid mat, strawberry, caramel sea salt, strawberry cheesecake, cheese, milk, dark, white, chocolademix and natural. These flavors are currently in the shops of Jamin. The other major player in the field of ‘kruidnoten’ with special flavors Of Delft. This ‘pepernotenfabriek’ has no less than fifty different kinds of ‘kruidnoten’, including flavours, caramel-sea salt, apple pie, limoncello, Irish coffee and vanilla slice.

According to Oscar Long, director of van Delft, is the natural favourite in the shops the chocomix. Or ‘kruidnoten’ with milk chocolate and dark and white chocolate. That he finds remarkable, because five years ago, when Van Delft is the Dutch market entered, and for 75 percent in the hands, ate Dutch still mainly the traditional kruidnoot.

“How crazier, the better’

Rob Hendriks of Jamin sees that in the last few years, not really more of a growth is in the demand for the chocolademix.

“They are still very popular, but consumers find it very fun to try new tastes. They experiment firmly on the loose in the kitchen at home, but also with products that they would like to eat. How crazier it is, the better, it seems.”

The Long sees this phenomenon and call it ‘versmakelijking’. “Everywhere there are more flavors in. People want more choice. They want luxury, an experience.”

Sometimes a little bit strange

According to Hendriks win the distinct flavours such as cheese and strawberry cheesecake quite a site. “Therefore, we are introducing every year a whole new range of flavors. Sometimes this is a bit strange, but they should be great. Different flavors, of course, always.”

Although the kaaskruidnoot this year over the counter of the Jamin flies and customers Of Delft ask whether the dropkruidnoot – after this last year the range has been removed – please again, there is according to the men for a while, one real the big favourite among the special ‘kruidnoten’. They are talking about the taste of caramel-sea salt.

And the least popular? The Long: “Organic, spelt and gluten-free. Which are hardly sold. That disappoints me really.”

What is your favorite kruidnoot? Let us know in a comment under this post.

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