Check your email Main mention Televizier-nominated recognition for Dennis and the team

For the past five years have been, Nicolette Kluijver, and the other Expedition Robinson-fellow’was nominated for the Gouden Televizier-Ring. In spite of the strong competition, also in the Chateau, Meiland has been nominated – the show is very happy to see that it was Robinson’s team, with the gain off.

“I’m very proud,” says Kluijver over the nomination. “In particular, there is a prize for the team. I have been working for years with the Robinson family, those are the people who are the heart and soul of the program. These are people who have up to six weeks of their life is over, and Robinson is one of the best programs of the Netherlands. But also for the Expedition members to do it, but just such a mission. They are really our heroes.”

Presenter Dennis Weening, it is likely to be the last time that he will have a chance to be with the Expedition, and Robinson, with the prize to be won, because the contract for the RTL was not renewed and he is no longer to be seen in the realityprogramma.

“If we win, it feels like that’s a double,” says Kluijver. “Of course, we would like to Dennis, who is fun, which is a recognition and accolade for his work. On the other hand, we will go back to the program, and without it, Dennis, but with The (Gorgels, eds.), it is also very, very good.”

The big favourite to win the Golden Televizier-Ring, which seems to be the Chateau, Meiland, the reality-soap around the time for Me to leave the member Martien Meiland. Think Kluijver, that Robinson’s Meilandjes’ you can beat that?

“You know, it’s nothing.”, thus, Kluijver. “It’s a really huge hype. But the Best of the Singers, is a great piece of software. I think it’s a great honor that we have one of these and it would be really great if we win binnentikken. The speech I prepared, just like the last four times, just for that. Just hope I do not need to hit another one, ha-ha.”

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