Check out the new Vive La Fête-clip: ‘This is a janettennummer’

After a radio silence of three years, there is now You can sleep in my bed, the catchy new single of Vive La Fête. Knack Focus was looking for Danny Mommens and Els Pynoo on during the recording of the corresponding clip, in a ‘Lynchian’ tea house in Ostend. Watch the video here.


On the zeedijk, Ostend cuts the bleak regenwind a lot to the ears. When entering a restaurant Melody transforms the drab seaside boulevard suddenly in what the backdrop of a dreamy David Lynch-scene it could have been. The colour palette reminiscent of red and white mints, and of the entrance to the toilets, the tavern crammed with instruments and other musical curiosities. The ideal setting for the kitschy electro of Danny Mommens and Els Pynoo. ‘Vree wijs here, as if time stood still’, confirms Pynoo in her typical Ghent snake.

Commercial hit

In 2013, the latest album by Vive La Fête, dates already from – you guessed it – 2013. ‘About that plate I was not satisfied,” says Mommens. “But, you know,’ he laughs, ‘people often say that each group has a poor plate must have. That was our own.’

Last year, the group had enough songs ready for a new album, but that were finally to the trash reference. “I went to the ideas to far search. It may be some are more commercial, such as You can sleep in my bed. There we had both a good feeling.’ There will be a new album, possibly in the autumn.

Vive La Fête has always been the darling of the fashion world. In 2003, the duo serves as the personal home orchestra of Chanel head honcho Karl Lagerfeld. “Our music is indeed often in the taste of the cases in that world: fashion designers, with homosexuals… Or transvestites, as it is today.’ Mommens grins the old situation and says: ‘Actually, You can sleep in my bed a bit of a janettennummer.’


Creepy drag queens

The scenario of the clip is the work of artist Alison English. ‘The story is about a lonely transvestite who suddenly is visited by Pynoo and Mommens. In the clip, maybe she is a transformation of woman to man.” Drag queen of service is Zelda Von Trapp, who, thanks to a muurdikke low maquillage looks like a life size barbie doll.

Without make-up is Zelda by the life of Peter, a psychiatric nurse from Antwerp. ‘I already have a few shows done as a transvestite, but this is without doubt the graafste experience until now. The people watching me or after, for the average Flemish person is a transvestite but something terrible. Also my parents are not really behind, they would rather have that I just Peter stay. One of my patients had me, but even recognize it.’

Walk on the beach

The clip is a production of WOLFRAM, the brand new production of Henry Commerman and Lothar Legon, who already have a nice arsenal of clips for, among others, Sleeper’s Reign on their name, and also took part in Pitch for One . They are the CAP’s of service. The pressure is now creating some stress, but with an eye for detail, they try everything on tape.

‘Danny, do that again!’ Mommens sitting bored at the table tapping, and that works apparently well on the image. The twenty subsequent shots he is allowed his little trick again. In retrospect, he seems relieved that it is over. “I had better have my dog taken away. Then we had a walk on the beach. Although, with this weather…’

You can sleep in my bed is the first of a series of loose singles that Vive la Fête on – irregular – intervals will release. This single comes out on Record Store Day also have a 12 inch from, including French versions, and remixes.

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