Cheap mobile phone plans, espionage, Uber drivers, and more: Tech Q&A

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Safe Dump of a Printer

Q: I want to get rid of an older printer. Not storage media such as a hard drive? I have printed a lot of personal documents over the years.

A: We often think of a printer as a matter of paper and ink, and if we think about it, Wi-Fi. When you decide to get rid of your printer, then you can also throw the information that it contains. A skilled cyber criminal can collect a lot of information about you, and possibly copies of important documents, from the simple circuit of your printer. Tap or click here for a critical thing to do with your old printer before you throw it away.

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Stop Riding Spear

Q: How can you know if your Uber or Lfyt driver record if you get in their car? This action seems to be a privacy invasion!

A: As a voyeuristic driver decides to take on your trip, or even go as far as a live stream, they can make use of small cameras and careful placement to avoid detection. (And, after a long night at the bar or during an early morning drive to the airport, you are treating a car for hidden surveillance equipment?) So, if you decide to make use of the services, be careful. Most drivers earn the stars they have earned. However, some are just charismatic creeps, and you should know that the signs. Tap or click here for how to check for hidden cameras in Uber or Lyft car.

Save on Mobile Service

Q: My cell phone keeps going higher and higher. What are the best low-cost plans?

A: If you want to get angry, ask someone from another country how much they pay for a mobile service. I do not mean the necessary phone calls and sms; I mean full data, with GPS, video streaming, it works. Many places have an extensive wireless service, and users pay as little as $20 per month. So why would you spend $100 per month or more for (about) the same? In addition, what if you can’t afford the high price of AT&T or Verizon? Some companies offer reduced rates and flexible conditions. They are not glamorous, but you would be surprised by the quality. Tap or click here for the best low-cost mobile phone plans.

Pay for Late Flights

Q: You spoke on the radio show about how to use an app to get your money back when the flights are cancelled. Can you tell me more?

A: Once you have a few hours milling around an airport, a delayed flight can feel like a personal insult, and tempers can get heated very quickly. Millions of travelers have wondered, at one time or another, or their time may get compensated when flights do not depart on time, or not at all. In the past, we are at the mercy of the 800 numbers and the endless elevator music while we wait for a human voice. With this new app, you can quickly count how much this delay is worth it and the setting of the compensation process in motion. The situation can still be unpleasant, but you’ll at least feel a bit of control, and maybe even recoup your losses. Tap or click here to find out how you can get compensated for the delay.

Boost Android Signal

Q: can I use My Android phone keeps losing the connection. How can I fix this?

A: Your phone is only useful if it is open, and when the mobile and Wi-Fi signals are both active, things can get caught up. You may not find this comforting, but this is a common problem. Fortunately, it is also easy to solve, if you have a little bit of patience and willing to solve the problem. Tap or click here for a special trick for the preservation of the Android connections.

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