Chat-app Discord close racist groups

Chat-app Discord close racist groups

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The chat app is Discord, which is particularly aimed at gamers, has various racist groups, and accounts disabled.

It comes in each case to a group of American ‘alt-right’movement, and one of the neo-nazi website the Daily Stormer.

After the stop in Charlottesville, where one woman was killed, saw that site, which include domain registration, successively by GoDaddy and Google to be withdrawn. The site had an offensive article posted on the victim of the attack.

In a statement Discord is not exactly clear how many accounts there are removed. The company says people closer to each other. “We stand for positivity and inclusiveness. Not hate. Not violence.”


Tech are increasingly central in discussions about extremist ideologies and freedom of expression. Recently have include YouTube, Facebook and Twitter their approach of racist and inflammatory language strengthened. Already before the march of racist groups in Charlottesville resulted in riots, had verhuursite Airbnb bookings of extreme right-wing participants will be cancelled.

At the same time, there are all sorts of alternatives arise which is precisely not impose restrictions on their users. On the social service Gab accumulate for example, internet users of Twitter are banned, and there are also several sites that allow Americans to collect money for projects that are not allowed on sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe.

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