Chaos protestdag in hong Kong, the police once again used tear gas in a

Hong kong, on Saturday to deal with a chaotic protestdag multiple injuries as a result. In the clashes between the protesters and the police, and for the first time in ten days, the gas is used. The police have carried out 29 arrests.

A number of people have Saturday as the stones and molotov cocktails at cops, and thrown. Also, they have multiple locations in the road blocks placed, and the surveillancecamera photos of lamp-posts destroyed.

The protesters say that it is the same surveillancecamera photos to be used in the Chinese province of Xinjiang, where Beijing and the life of the Regime to closely keep an eye on. About one and a half million members of an ethnic minority in the country.

The local police force, the violence is condemned, and says that these acts are “a serious threat” to the citizens and the police officers. During the exercise, it is an unknown number of injuries in some cases.

In the run-up to the last four stations to close. It is the decision of the carrier, came after criticism from Chinese state media, which reported that the company is running smoothly and hung out with the protesters, according to Hong Kong’s Free Press.

The unrest in hong Kong, it takes almost three months ago. (Photo: Getty Images)

Every day, protests in hong Kong

The protests in hong Kong have, for nearly three months. There is now a daily actiegevoerd for a bill to allow the extradition to China to make political reforms. There is no end to the protests.

For the campaigners, there are five essential requirements: – the withdrawal of the bill, and the resignation of a director, Carrie Lam, an independent investigation into the police violence, the release of the arrested protesters, and political reform.

At this point in time, the hong kong authorities have no requirement to comply. The lamb, and the police have to be supported by the central government in Beijing. The tensions are running in the meantime, continue to climb.

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