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For the first time in 21 years put Legia Warsaw for the Champions League. Sport/Voetbalmagazine met Legia midfielder Vadis Odjidja on the eve of the openingsduel against Borussia Dortmund.

Vadis Odjidja (right) © BELGAIMAGE

Trainer at Legia Warsaw is Besnik Hasi. He pulled out this summer, some well-known names from the Belgian league to the Polish champion. Vadis Odjidja, Thibault Moulin, and Steeven Langil. “Moulin came early in the preparation and made a fantastic start with in the meantime, all five assists,” says Kacper Ruszczak, mediaverantwoordelijke of the club. “He is an important player and so far the best transfer. Langil had moments in which his speed and what about spot’s, but still needs more steady. Odjidja came late and weighed a bit too much. But after ten days he saw there all different. We could in the meantime see that he is a different midfielder than those we here just are: men that are strong to the opponent to stop it but have little or nothing to create.”

Football hold

For the training we meet Vadis Odjidja in the lodges. Inside the player moves, there is sadness when it is difficult to prepare for the talk. “There are very few people who know this, but on July 13, my mother died of cancer,” he says. “Since five months I knew she was terminally ill. Whenever I was free, I went to Belgium back to her. The last week I am all the time with her remained.”

The suffering is not yet completely processed, it is him to see while he talks about it. His faith is something to hold onto. “Otherwise, I sat here not now, but I was crying in my bed. My mother was the most important person in my life. Every morning and evening I pray and I speak to her. That I five years ago, my step-mother lost to the same disease, makes it twice as heavy.”

Also the football is a hand-hold, that what he can best and love to do in life. “I’m happy that I’m back on the field stand. It helps me to make up my mind to resist. I try as far as possible, to focus to the best of myself to give. It is a very new area, and I played the last seasons few matches, but it starts to get better and better.”

Norwich City

Because his transfer from Club Brugge to Norwich City in 2014 is not what he expected it to be. “No. That is quite a story, of course. Injuries. A trainerswissel with a trainer who are the players to attract expensive players, and that gives confidence. The position which I usually was played out. For someone with my qualities is not of course to be on the flank optimal rendering. The game is more direct and there is less football than in Belgium, but English football is definitely not disappointing. If you are at the bottom of the arrangement and against very good teams should play, it is of course not easy. Certain periods were for me very difficult, but I continue to fight.”

Also Standard informed by his agent, Christophe Henrotay, to his situation. But his choice finally fell on the Legia Warsaw of his ex-Anderlechtploegmaat Besnik Hasi. Against Dundalk, he helped with an assist immediately with the qualification for the Champions League to achieve. That is his 27th for him also a unique experience. “Yes. Sure. But the league is the most important. I will be there in any case to do everything in the best years of my career my best level to pick up, also for my mother and the rest of the family.”

Christian Vandenabeele in Warsaw

Read the entire report over Legia Warsaw in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 14 september.

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