“Certainly four German poultry farms worked with Chickfriend’

“Certainly four German poultry farms worked with Chickfriend’

At least four German poultry farms worked with the Dutch company Chickfriend, that is central to the scandal around contaminated eggs. According to the German newspaper Der Spiegel ran the cleaning company, the chicken farmers probably with forged documents, to the garden.

In the product description by Chickfriend used disinfectant ‘Dega-16’ read the German customers nothing about the banned ingredient fipronil. It would also means ‘The go-16,” never by the authorities are approved.

Thursday were two directors of Chickfriend arrested for involvement in the scandal. The company would fipronil have been applied to lice to fight in the stables of a hundred and fifty Dutch poultry farms.

The two drivers are in custody. They are suspected to be a health risk.

Criminal investigation

The criminal investigation that the Netherlands is run, focuses next Chickfriend on his Belgian supplier and another Dutch company. Chickfriend bought from the supplier of the pesticides containing fipronil, is located under the invented name ‘fypro-clean”, as evidenced by an invoice from the Belgian company, where NRC the hand has laid. According to sources of the newspaper should be a Chickfriend have known that the prohibited substance it was.

The fipronil came in millions of eggs, so in at least fifteen countries of the eggs from the shelves had to be removed, including in Germany, France, Sweden, Great Britain, Romania and Denmark.

The European Commission wants a summit meeting on the issue with the ministers for food safety in the countries concerned.


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