Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite can be described as a topographic skin change which develops in the majority of post pubertal women. It features as being a modification of the skin topography and is evident by skin dimpling as well as nodularity, which occurs in women mostly around the pelvic area, lower limbs, as well as abdominal area, and it is caused due to the herniation of the subcutaneous fat present in fibrous connective tissue. This results in a padded appearance or perhaps an appearance like an orange peel.

Synonyms can consist of dermopanniculosis deformans, adiposis edematosa, status protrusus cutis, as well as gynoid lipodystrophy. Some descriptive names pertaining to cellulite can include orange peel syndrome, as well as cottage cheese skin.

The factors that cause cellulite happen to be poorly understood and might involve a change in the metabolic process and physiology, for instance gender specific dimorphic skin architecture, modification of the connective tissue structure, hormonal aspects, genetic aspects, microcirculatory systems, extra cellular matrix, as well as subtle inflammatory alterations.

A number of therapies with regard to the treatment of cellulite are available. While deciding on which treatment to choose, examine the seriousness of your cellulite. Surgical procedures or liposuction treatment must only be an alternative in case your health is at risk. Surgery treatment does not have guaranteed results and must be taken into consideration with extreme concern. Another treatment procedure would be endermologie machines. These machines are automatic rollers that have suction cups that massage the parts of your body that are afflicted with cellulite. This massage movement is designed to break down fat cells as well as stimulate blood circulation. However, this isn’t a permanent solution to the cellulite problem since it is only a temporary reduction procedure. Each session lasts for about half an hour and could cost anywhere in between $60 to $90.

Another treatment for cellulite is the TriActive Laser Dermology. Subsequent to receiving approval from the FDA in 2005, this procedure combines a low energy laser in order to enhance blood circulation and a suction massage which increases collagen growth as well as lymphatic drainage, in addition to cooling which reduces inflammation. This particular technology is quite expensive and must be utilized in combination with a change in diet and exercise.

Lymphatic drainage massages would definitely be a highlight of cellulite reduction. It is meant to lower inflammation, menstrual cramping, as well as other complications including cellulite. This kind of therapeutic massage is a manual massage which targets the lymph nodes that happen to be inflamed with the body’s toxins. It minimizes blockage and also helps restore the skin back to a smoother appearance.

Hydrotherapy is yet another common as well as natural treatment for cellulite. Hydrotherapy can be performed at home and a lot of people prefer it over the more technically advanced treatment procedures. This procedure involves using an anti cellulite aromatherapy oil combined with lukewarm bath water so that you can soak in for a fixed period of time. After this you use water pressure from a shower in order to massage the skin in an upward motion, to enhance the circulation of blood as well as to minimize the appearance of cellulite.

One more natural technique is rubbing sand on the affected skin. This can be a perfect technique to experiment with at the beach. Rubbing sand would help in improving the circulation of blood and is an all natural dermabrasion. Alternative methods to deal with cellulite are to work on exercise and dieting. Drinking lots of water, keeping away from coffee and cigarettes, consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as staying physically active will definitely help reduce fat within the body in addition to improving blood circulation that will remove the appearance of cellulite. Preventing stress and changing the way you respond to stressful situations will also help treat cellulite along with these other lifestyle changes. You could even treat cellulite at home using a few therapies. One such therapy requires you to take twenty to thirty drops of juniper oil mixed along with four ounces of organic olive oil and then massage it onto the affected areas. You can even add 2 cups of sea salt to lukewarm water and then soak in it for twenty minutes. These types of remedies are natural as well as effective for the purpose of doing away with cellulite.

Cellulite is not attractive and is unappealing on everybody. Getting rid of cellulite is extremely difficult therefore you need to have patience. It will not be gone straight away, however with repeated treatment sessions, improving your diet, maintaining a steady level of physical activity, as well as trying a few natural home remedies can get rid of fat in addition to reducing the appearance of cellulite and give you a firmer, more youthful looking body.

Considering that cellulite is amongst the major problems that a lot women face, it is essential to take up various other remedies such as, a cream massage, spa massage, as well as procedures that will help in releasing tension in addition to enhancing the circulation of blood. Quite a few cellulite treatments do not provide satisfactory effectives and the reason for this is that people believe that simply using these types of procedures or perhaps products could work wonders. However, this is not really the case. You need to take up a complete body detox and then have a perfectly balanced diet in addition to a good fitness regime. Only then will you be able to achieve optimum results.

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