Cellulite Reduction

How exactly does Cellulite Reduction Therapy Work?

Cellulite reduction therapy works simply by blending a powerful physical massage of the cellulite layers underneath the skin’s surface along with infiltrating heat as well as radio energy in order to re-contour the body, in addition to reducing the unappealing physical appearance of cellulite.

How effective is the Cellulite Treatment?

In a clinical research published, 90% of the grownup women treated using the cellulite treatment system observed an all round improvement. Approximately 95% of the women that observed an improvement decided to acquire extra cellulite treatment on various other areas of their bodies when the research analysis was concluded.

Exactly what does Cellulite Treatment feel like?

Cellulite treatment feels just like a deep, penetrating tissue massage. In the beginning, there may perhaps be negligible pinching of the skin, but this sensation can easily
 be done away with by the technician by means of adjusting the rollers upon the treatment head.

What are the Side Effects associated with Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

There could possibly be extremely negligible skin discoloration as well as partial redness as soon as the first couple of treatment sessions have been completed.

Exactly how many Cellulite Reduction Treatment Sessions will I require?

The exact quantity of cellulite reduction treatments required can vary depending on the body area that is being treated as well as on a variety of individual characteristics. However, clients usually notice a significant improvement within a month of bi-weekly treatments for cellulite reduction.

What Results can I expect from Cellulite Reduction Treatment?

Cellulite is a natural part of the body, and no treatment method or surgery, can get rid of it. However, cellulite reduction treatment re-contours the layers of cellulite and smoothes them out in order to decrease or eliminate the unpleasant ridges or "cottage cheese" appearances with regards to untreated cellulite.

This procedure is performed in a 2-stage process. The initial stage makes use of ultrasonic waves in order to penetrate the skin and create fibrosis breakage, stimulate the circulation of blood and soften the fat deposits. This initial stage significantly enhances the second phase involving the Dermosonic procedure, which makes use of vibratory and suction procedures for negative upward pressure, which in turn improves the distribution of fat deposits, elongation of connective tissues as well as the promotion of lymphatic drainage. The treatment usually takes around 90 minutes and a lot of clients experience visible effects after just one treatment session. Research has shown significant improvement in measurements obtained following a series of treatment sessions.

Whenever thigh cellulite accumulates, you can reduce the uneven, rough dimpling skin using ultrasound cellulite reduction therapy. Find out more about body contouring advantages of ultrasound cellulite reduction treatment.

How Ultrasound Provides a Smoother Skin:

By now you understand that "cellulite" is a common and unpleasant skin condition. However, cellulite isn’t a technical or medical term used for anything apart from a de-natured commonly occurring body fat cell. A fat cell, in its "normal" characteristics keep to a small size and do not exhibit this "lumpiness" generated due to a build-up of fibrous connective bands which surround the fat cell.

Delivering Controlled Energy Towards Body Fat Cells:

The ultrasound "light energy" delivers a controlled measure of light energy underneath the surface of the skin where the thigh cellulite fat cells are causing damage to the upper surface of the skin. These fat cells quickly absorb ultrasound energy and increase the internal cell temperatures by almost five degrees or more. This is just enough to break-down the cell membrane and release the stored cellular fat through the body’s natural elimination process.

Ultrasound Advantages – Safety and Low Impact:

Ultrasound treatment has grown to be an emergent cellulite therapy after previously being used as a safe diagnostic tool to monitor a fetus within a mother’s womb as well as a tool used to break up kidney stones. It does not require scalpels or anesthetics for the purpose of treatment. All you would experience is a slight warming, under the surface of the skin. It provides little down time without bruising, swelling or any kind of pain. It requires virtually no pre-treatment routine and is absolutely risk free.

To help results, the ultrasound treatment might also include a mechanical massaging of the area of treatment. This is in order to help the break-up of cellulite cell membranes, relieve the swelling of fat cells, as well as to promote elevated blood circulation and lymphatic action to help the released fat out of the body via the natural elimination process of the body.

Thigh cellulite lumps develop slowly and are irreversible. These fat cells generate enlarged bundles of cells under the surface of the skin and no cellulite cream has the ability to penetrate the dermal barriers. Hence there is little chance of creams offering effectiveness. Any cellulite pill will provide its effect across the entire body, therefore butt cellulite build-ups might never be realistically targeted with pills.

Ultrasound Treatment Programs For Successful Body Contouring:

Logically, you will require five to ten treatments procedures on a large treatment area, for instance extended thigh cellulite build up, to be able to show results, after which you can hold on to these results using follow-on treatments. The cost of cellulite reduction treatment may vary according to the size and shape of the body, the overall volume as well as surface area of accumulated body fat. You can expect several treatments, where you will ultimately render several pounds of thigh or butt fat, and restore a youthful skin appearance.

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