CELEBRITIES struggle in the summer to: Juvat Westendorp ‘for the time being is not on a holiday

Where a lot of CELEBRITIES in the next few weeks, laying on a strandbedje, there are certainly some well-known names to be found, which in the summer is hard work. call a few of the stars, and asked them, ‘ what are you going to do in the summer? This time, as a dancer, actor, and broadcaster, Juvat Westendorp.

Why do you work in the summer.
“By chance there were more jobs in this period of time. In may and June, I took the pictures of the Boys, 2 of them in Miami, and the Netherlands, and I’m sitting in the jury of the Superkids, and I’m working on a new program for SBS that I have a lot of time I put into it. In addition, there are two companies with a modeling agency and a dance academy. So, together with my management, I decided to go to a four-month and then a month of vacation to go on, but it was not to be. The idea is that I will be in August, with four weeks to go away, but when I heard that, I was unexpectedly in the building, had to be from the school, and so, unexpectedly, had to move out. The one and only month, this is August, so I’m going to in the next few weeks to focus completely on the conversion. With three friends, we’ll be there from 9: 00 a.m. to 3: 00 a.m. working on it. Together, we are like a Neighbor-and Neighbor, it was a lot of fun, and a chain.”

Do you have more holiday/summer work?
“Yeah, it’s not a new thing for me to have the whole summer to go through. I go every four weeks. That would be this year in August, but I usually do this at the end of the year.”

I used to zomerbijbaantjes things.
“Sure. I have been on the market stood out for the watches to sell them. I picked up all of the jobs to me that were on offer. I have the guest rooms cleaned up, the caps on the bottles are made in a factory… From the time I was fourteen I got a summer still working on it.”

Head, during the renovation of his school.

What are some of the best and worst things about working in the summer.
“If you’re lucky, you make a project out of it, I think it’s great for soaking up the sun. It is a terrible thing to me in the film, and am constantly in a dark loft, to be spent, then you are missing out a large part of the day. Just got my Boys 2 was shot in Miami, florida. When we sat down for the whole day and plenty of sun. However, I think it’s better if there’s a breeze coming in.”

When you go on vacation?
The holiday is for the time being, so as not to be in it, but it has been my goal for the next week for a couple of days for the river to go. I’m choosing for this to be the only way to go for a quiet and peaceful environment, as I am on 24/7 and be surrounded by people. It’s less than I had a week to sit in a Swedish log cabin in the middle of nowhere. In February, I hope there’s no need to be able to Patagonia (a region in the Americas, ed.). Each and every area where the green is, I think, is beautiful. In fact, I’m a huge nerd with a camera, and the nature of bird photography.”

What is your favourite memory of working during the summer?
“I was recording in Miami and for the Boys, 2 are special. You are able to have a set of a hundred men at your back, all-American scenes. It’s a very hot day and we were shirtloos around, because it’s a stripperfilm. For me, there were two girls in the production, which is an umbrella, and a fan that tried to tell us a little bit to keep them cool and now I got a bottle of water. At the same time, the tail all of you on what’s going on here? Strange, everything is bigger and better in America.”

The next time we talk to actor William Bacon. What are you going to ask?
“We have been together for a performance of a play overnight. I have danced in it, and he played the guitar. I know that he is with a new performance of a play is in progress, so I’m curious to see if his guitar has been re-nominated.”

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