CELEBRITIES struggle in the summer, as William Bacon is to work in a pancake restaurant

Where a lot of CELEBRITIES in the next few weeks, laying on a strandbedje, there are certainly some well-known names to be found, which in the summer is hard work. call a few of the stars, and asked them, ‘ what are you going to do in the summer? This time, as an actor, musician, and playwright William Bacon, among others, well-known from Good Times, Bad Times.

Why do you work out by this summer.
“I am currently working on my show don’t Believe everything on the internet is a cabaretprogramma the song, and that I have thirty to play with. It’s more about the fake news, and how people online behave, the things that I marvel at, and I’ve been there. At 8: 00 am I go to be with a hot cup of tea in front of my laptop, in the afternoon, I am looking for my bike, what’s the derivation in the town, and then I’ll go ahead and sit at the computer. Also, I have a week in Tel Aviv, and Berlin, and has been. Because I think it’s inspiring, but also great distraction. Then it is cleaning, suddenly very, very important, or I go to my administration to do so. I’m also, sometimes, occasionally, with my laptop in the pancake restaurant in the Amsterdamse bos (amsterdam Forest and sit. For the first four Thursdays of August, I’ll try some songs from the TapasTheater, for the twenty or so people. From mid-september to start the real shows.”

Do you have more holiday/summer work?
“Yeah, it’s not at all a new thing for me. In the 20th and the 28th, I had my part in the Good Times, the Bad Times of the day (Bacon played the character of Sjoerd Bouwhuis, eds.) in a normal working rhythms, but during the summer break, I was usually even with your own project. For example, I have a cd and a film in progress.

I used to zomerbijbaantjes things.
“I got it when I was younger in the theater, working in, and I stood at the door and in the car. In the summer, it was the theatre closed, and I have to play concerts and festivals to merchandise sold by the artists who have appeared in, for example, in the province of brabant, and the Ziggo Dome.”

What are some of the fun and less fun things to work on in the next few days?
“Because of the beautiful weather, I can go out with the bike to work. Now, that was the argument last time when it was so hot, when it escaped from the sun rather. That’s why I sit on the roof and sit in the shade. Less nice points, I can’t actually come up with. I have made my hobby my job, I am my own boss, so I can also choose my work hours to determine.”

When you go on vacation?
“I think next year June is going to be, as my shows are done, the musical fell in Love with the island. I’m afraid that there’s also not much of a vacation, but I will try to be on the left or the right, have a weekend away planned. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the summer of a couple of fellow-musicians in a bus that will be driving, and by the way, to stop, to put together the songs on the record. A musical road trip to make sure.”

What is your favourite memory of working during the summer?
“Last Thursday, I have been in the TapasTheater new songs, tried out for who I am, literally, the day I wrote. Great to be in the morning, what to do, and that is ” I know all about that part of it is a good idea as it seems.”

The last time I spoke to Juvat Westendorp, who you want to be able to know whether your guitar will bring you on your tour.
“Of course! Also, my bass guitar. I am in the process in order to have different instruments on each string.”

The next time we speak, muziekduo Suzan & Freek’s. What would you like to know?
“I’m curious to find out what their biggest musical dream.”

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