Celebrities descend on Washington for anti-Trump mega-rally


Just like you don’t celebrate it for Barack Obama in the year 2009, celebrities descend on Washington for the presidential inauguration later this week-only this time, to protest,, the future President.

The main event, The March of women to Washington, the day after the inauguration, and is billed as a rally to the defense of the rights of women according to what the organizers described as an election cycle filled with insulting rhetoric.

This is a pity where the celebrities who groused, have for weeks on Donald Trump’s election is a chance – big names, including singers Katy Perry and Cher; comedian Amy Schumer; and the Actresses are set to Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore, Debra messing and Patricia Arquette to visit. And the amount could be large. The organisers estimate that at least 200,000 people, although the district expects the double.

“Since the elections, many fear that their voices unheard” actress America Ferrera, Director of the artists’ Committee for the March, said in a statement. “As artists, women, and, above all, dedicated Americans, it is important that we stand together in solidarity for the protection of the dignity and the rights of our communities.”

The Republicans fear that the Saturday March, as a further demonstration – on the heels of the planned protests aimed at the disruption of opening on Friday – the highlights of the divisions out of the race in 2016.

Republican strategist and Fox News contributor, Lisa Boothe Trump’s campaign argues, the message was focused on the economy and the creation of jobs – and not focus on identity politics is harmful.

“The democratic party and the political left have been so focused on dividing Americans and people in categories and in different buckets, and it is to the detriment of focusing on the problems that every American interested in how the jobs and rebuilding the economy,” said Boothe “These are the issues that transcend politics, race and gender, and as a woman, I’ll take care of it, where can I find a good job, and living in an environment in which I thrive, financially.”

To send the rally, near the U.S. Capitol on Saturday morning meant, what the organizers describe it as “a courageous message,” the 115th Congress, and Trump, that “the rights of women are human rights.”

Trump’s own history of offensive comments, namely, observations recorded in 2005 the Band, in the Trump was heard, talking, groping women, as well as numerous allegations, which he denies, of sexual harassment in favor of such a criticism against the future President.

But not everyone is explicitly Trump on the protest.

Connecticut organizer, writer and activist Heather Waley described the in March, more than a General statement of the names of the women.

“This rally is not against Donald Trump,” Heather Waley said. “We are sending a strong Signal that we stand up for ourselves and other groups of people, the marginalised and whose rights are under attack, and show that we are stronger together.”

Waley expected that at least 4 500 attendees from Connecticut alone.

“My husband and son come – it’s not just the women,” said Waley “The planning of this has been a complete joy and I think it shows the enthusiasm that we have to promote women, and the rights of the people, not women.”

The women’s March on Washington, a Committee is registered, a permit from the District of Columbia, for 200,000 participants.

However, DC, Director of Homeland Security, Christopher T. Geldart said his office was monitoring the hotel, train and bus reservations and estimates a crowd of almost 500,000 people.

“DC has First Amendment events every day, so we are ready,” Geldart said. “Many times when we run in groups, First amendment events, we have other groups to address them – but they are also exercising their First Amendment rights.”

Geldart said the circle of the entire police force on 12-hour shifts through the day and night Thursday, along with 5,000 National guardsmen and 3,000 additional outside law enforcement from all over the country.

“My mother and my daughter will be walking – the group coming to do a peaceful event,” Geldart said “We want to make sure that the women’s March participants and groups to protest against your message, you can achieve what you want and get home safely at the end of the day.”

DC is not the only protest scene on Saturday.

Comedian Chelsea Handler takes the March in Park City, Utah, as one of the 300 “sister marches” will take place on Jan. 21. All 50 States and Puerto Rico are confirmed, a minimum of a grassroots-led March, the day, as well as the cities around the world, including Tokyo and Paris, according to the women on Washington, the organizers of the March.

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