Cease-fire in Yemen under the pressure of fighting few days delayed

Despite agreements reached at the peace talks in Sweden about a cease-fire, is there past few days there was heavy fighting in the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah. The warring parties and the United Nations (UN) to know the file a few days.

The cease-fire went Thursday, on the last day of the peace talks, directly. A day later, there were air raids and clashes reported between the government forces and the Houthi rebels, which both sides several dead and injured.

The UN and Yemeni officials have Sunday to let us know that they the cease-fire will delay, and that the parties only as from Tuesday, their weapons have to resign. It would be two to three days days before the new orders are passed on to the troops.

The UN envoy to Yemen Martin Griffiths has there in both parties called for the file, to respect. It was agreed that all armed forces should completely withdraw within 21 days. Also is there a UN-mission was appointed, which in Yemen will oversee the cease-fire.

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“Violation of file, causing even more food shortages’

The two warring parties are already four years embroiled in a war, which to certainly to 10,000 civilians has claimed the lives of. More than 22 million Yemenis need help and for about 8 million inhabitants in danger of starvation.

The port city of Hodeidah is the fourth largest city of the country. Through the port comes 80 percent of the relief supplies, such as food, fuel and medicines. The Houthi rebels have the power in the city, but government forces supported by Saudi Arabia to fight against it.

The secretary-general of the UN’s António Guterres has warned that if the cease-fire in Hodeidah is violated, the severe food shortages in the country will continue to rise.

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