CBP leader is not border agency, against the law immigrant-detainee DNA

nearvideo government watchdog claims the DNA sequence of the CBP allowed, violent migrants to evade detection

The independent Office of Special Counsel says implement the CBP failed to, which is a DNA-screening program for illegal immigrants to violate the law, the reports for a decade, and the public safety; chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge.

The head of the Department of Homeland Security border agency insisted on Monday that the Agency is breaking the law, even if an independent government watchdog, noted recently that it is in violation of Federal law due to not collecting the DNA of those in his care.

“I want to be clear there, one of the false narratives that the DHS said because this is really a DHS issue, not to do against a law like this,” Acting Customs and Border Protection Commission, Mark Morgan, when pressed by Fox News in the White house briefing on Monday. “And that is just factually incorrect.”

Morgan added: “There is no violation of the law.”


To capture in August, the Office of Special Counsel on one side with three CBP Whistleblower, first profiled on Fox News, said the border Agency’s DNA and run it against an FBI database of violent crimes. The objective: the identification of people, to open their DNA links cases-including rape, even murder.

Federal investigators rejected CBP’s argument that an Obama administration waiver was valid — based on resource constraints — a decade after the fact. Morgan cited that the cancellation of the Monday.

“So, the attorney General has determined there is a waiver, and he allowed the Secretary of DHS to decide whether you want to apply for that waiver,” said Morgan. “And this happened under the former Secretary Napolitano for a whole bunch of what I think, legitimate operational concerns, and budgetary issues, why you added that disclaimer.”

In a sharply worded report last, the Office of Special Counsel, said the border agency put lives in danger, and you have failed to meet law enforcement authorities of responsibility.

“CBP violations of the law has allowed criminals, prisoners on the loose wrote,” Special Counsel Henry J. Kerner. “In view of the substantial public safety and law enforcement impact on the issue, I urge CBP to reconsider immediately its position and to initiate DNA collection from criminal detainees.”


On Monday, at a briefing on border security, Morgan said: “we need to take a look at this,” but said there was no definite time plan to move forward.

“So, we have no time, because there is a lot that goes into that,” Morgan said, adding several agencies are involved, and DHS will need to figure out the “best” way to go.


He added: “We do this in a very sensible thought-out way. And when we are ready to actually execute, it’s effective, that’s when we’ll do it.”

This comes after Fox News recently, an internal memo get sent out less than 24 hours after the Special Counsel results were.the public showed mixed news about the border Agency to accept the willingness, the results-as well as in the future, compliance with the 2005 Federal law

21. In August, the Federal government say, the Office of Special Counsel in a letter to President Trump and the Congress that the CBP had, in violation of Federal law for nearly a decade, not to collect the DNA of illegal migrants and it runs against an FBI violent crimes database.

On the same day, Aug. 21, the Department of Homeland Security responded on Fox News by clicking on it changes to indicates that were in the works, that it “works closely with the Department of Justice on a way forward for the DNA collection.”

However, an internal DHS memo sent within minutes of the DHS published a Declaration of challenge, the Office of Special Counsel findings, and raised questions about the Department, appeared for the future compliance.

The one-page internal memo from CBP speaker, the public Affairs shop and other officials for the “principals do media” describes five “high-line “talking points”, “deleted by the CBP for Advice.”

“The bottom line is that we – the US – government, DNA testing,” the talking points state. “If the CBP legal reference, i.e., an alien with a warrant, or someone who has committed an offense, in front of us, and we turn them over ICE or the U.S. Marshals, and these elements need DNA collection makes the criminal.”

He continued: “we believe that the government is doing DNA Tests on the right people.”


The internal memo talking points of conflict with the Office of Special Counsel report, found in the CBP has been “violations of the law approved topics then accused, to escape violent crimes, including murder and sexual assault detection also imprisoned several times by CBP or Immigration and Customs Enforcement [ICE].”

In response to the conflict between the public statements and internal DHS memo, a DHS official said, “DHS component office of public affairs teams are aware of the Department, the given position of the media in relation to DNA for CODIS and way in the future.” CODIS is short for the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System for violent crimes.

The informant, Mark Jones, Fred Wynn, and Mike Taylor, said some Agency officials believe that they have a wide discretion to pass legislation approved by the Congress, by some within the Agency feared legal exposure of American families whose relatives were killed or injured, the charged of illegal migrants, whose DNA was.

Fox News’ Jon Decker contributed to this report.

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