CBP chief rips in ‘reckless’ lawmakers for attacks on border agents, and warns it harms the morale

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Acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection Mark Morgan says the White house is using to stop every legal tool possible, the border crisis, while the Congress sits on their hands.

LAREDO, TEXAS — Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan accused of “reckless” members of Congress are in their attacks on local agents, who say the enforcement of U.S. immigration law, it is detrimental to the morals, and the legislature should instead be fixing the vulnerabilities in the immigration system, he says, responsible for the crisis at the border.

“If you’re there, every single day, and you are risking your life, and you do so with humanity and compassion, but the people, the elected representatives are attacks on your character, yeah, sure, it has an influence on the morale,” he said in an interview with Fox News this week, between the meeting with agents on the border. “That’s what they tell me and the leaders in the field are saying the same thing.”


Morgan, who has served, not to mention both Obama and Trump administrations, each legislator, the force of the name or the party affiliation, but referred to the comments made by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, who has described, in detention centres as “concentration camps” and accused the officials to drink the migrants, the water from the toilet.

When he was reminded of these notes, Morgan was visibly angry at what he judges as a “lie” to a representative, the Front line of the crisis — and not hold back in his criticism of those responsible for the dissemination of the claims.

“It not only has the wrong narrative, it is a lie,” he said. “I mean, if someone says, we are running a concentration camp, it is a lie, it is not only a false narrative that it is a lie. If someone says Border Patrol agents, not force people to drink out of the toilet, it is a false narrative-it is a lie.”

He noted that the CBP has conducted more than 4,000 rescues this year-something he says is not made known through the media as agents risking their lives in treacherous waters and blistering 110+ degree heat to save the lives of migrants trying to enter the U.S. It is a harrowing story of a cartel of smugglers, see the CBP agents, and threw a paraplegic man in the river, so as not to be apprehended was closer. Active ingredients dipped quickly into the water and saved the man’s life.

“You never listen, that you, instead of you listening to these lies, the store running, concentration, or you call them Nazis,” he said. “But let me ask you this — If we have an organization full of Nazis, how do you explain the 4,000 rescues? How do you explain the countless individuals that come to our care of the sick, or already in a life-threatening conditions, and we do what we can to save her life — and that is what makes me so frustrated with our own representatives of the people,” he said.


Act Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan of the agents in Laredo, Texas. (Adam Shaw/Fox News)

“If you don’t like it, change the laws. But, because you can’t do your job, because you get it will not be able to do to get their act together, what you need to protect and secure this country, you demonize the men and women of customs and border protection, and this is outrageous, it is reckless and it is irresponsible,” Morgan said.

Morgan’s comment came after The New York Times published a story outlining Border Patrol “Moral crisis,” which detailed how the morale is in the basement, like, in the midst of the variety of attacks against you, including, as the agents have to pick your restaurants carefully, if you are in uniform in case someone spits in your food.

Agents in an Interview with the Times talked about how their work to stop drug smugglers were watching went to children, and you type the formula, such as the nature of the crisis at the border has changed. Morgan Fox said that agents know that, if you pulled the fronts, it is that the U.S. is less safe.

“You know that every minute, the way she moved, to order the care of a child, baby food, change diapers, to act as quasi-social workers in an environment for the children and families, she moved to the Front and you know that bad people and bad things are always through,” he said. “But would you still do it and do it with pride, what really gets you in the end of the day your the vitriol, the rhetoric coming out of the Congress, that the attack of who you are and your character, that is, what is really the morale gets down.”

Morgan was one of a number of government officials, which was allowed in Laredo this week to meet with officials and visits to the migrant Protection Protocol (MPP) courtrooms asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while their cases are processed.


It is part of a series of measures taken by the trump management, the officials, the credit for a sharp decline in the border regions of concern. In August 64,004 migrants were arrested at the border, a number that officials say is still too high, but a 56-percent decline from the highs in may.

In addition, efforts are miles of construction of a wall on the southern border, is something that many agents say is a top priority in places such as Laredo, are in progress. The administration promised that the pace of construction is growing, and that so much is built like 500 miles of new wall up to the end of 2020.


But with these measures, the effect, the officials will keep their attention on the Congress, saying that the laws to close loopholes in the law are necessary in order to avoid pull-factors, which are still enticing migrants to the dangerous and often deadly, journey to the North.

When asked what he wanted Congress to do, specifically, Morgan didn’t have a moment to think, quickly rattling off a series of measures he says are necessary on the Front: a durable solution for the Flores court settlement, that the limits on how long children can be retained, changes to the trafficking victims Protection Reauthorization Act (TVPRA), which prevents the United States again, some of the children in their home countries, an Update on the “credible fear” barrier for asylum applications, and for the enforcing authorities to have more financial resources to complete their tasks.

But given the sharp partisan political divide in Washington, Morgan, the hope is that agents receive no help from the halls of Congress in the foreseeable future.

“You could do that in 15 minutes on one side, if you actually come together and do their job,” he said. “But you are not. I have spoken to many of them and do not tell me to happen to her and that is so frustrating.”

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