Catherine Zeta-Jones, daughter Carys says that they are not always comfortable with fame: ‘I hated it’

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her 15-year-old daughter on the cover of Town & Country in September to cover.

(Victor Demarchelier / Town and Country)

Like mother, like daughter!

Catherine Zeta-Jones and her 15-year-old daughter, Carys Zeta Douglas, to have the fans doing double takes.

The mother-daughter duo appears on Town & Country’s September cover, which is the magazine’s annual Modern Swans problem.


While Carys is the daughter of A-list actors Catherine and Michael Douglas as the granddaughter of Kirk Douglas, she tells the publication that she is focused on making a name for themselves outside of the “Douglas Dynasty.”

“When I was younger I had not idea that his name is connected, this kind of ‘Douglas Dynasty’ stuff,” she admits of her famous father. “I think what bothers me the most is that people think that I don’t work hard for, that I don’t have to work hard for it. That everything I do is handed to me. When, to be honest, I feel it is the opposite. I feel that I must constantly prove myself to people — that I am not only my parents, his daughter.”

daddy me to my first rangers game when I was 7? father, you inspire and full-heartily love everyone around you! I love you endlessly!

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Carys has been in the spotlight since she was little, and though she is an aspiring actress and the Hollywood-heir is not always comfortable with fame.


“I hated it. I’m really angry. They [paparazzi] would jump on the metro and sit right in front of me. I was about six. I was in the war,” she recalls. “That’s when I knew, ‘If this is what it is, I need to focus on who I really am, and this is something that just happens, and there is nothing I can do.”

As for her mother, Catherine could not be more proud of her children-she also has a 17-year-old son, Dylan, Michael — and the nature of the people they are becoming.

“What I instilled in my children, and I’m very, very proud of, is manners,” the 48-year-old “Feud” star says. “There is nothing worse than a privileged child without manners. I drilled in them like boot camp. The teenage years…[Carys] know that they are not able to roll her eyes at me or huff and puff around me. I have never to my mother; and she is not doing it for me.”

ALTA MODA – D&G? thank you for a beautiful evening @dolcegabbana @stefanogabbana

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“My parents do a really good job of reality-checking me and like, ‘Look around you. Life is extraordinary,'” Carys agree.

She also looks after her mother when it comes to her style. “Fashion is so important in my life, because my mother is a fashion icon to me,” she says. “I’m always looking through her closet.”

That is something that the teenager has called on her Instagram by sharing multiple photos of himself with the Oscar winner at a fashion show.

“She has her own style,” Catherine notes. “She is modern, but at the age. I have never had to turn to Carys and say, ” I think that’s a little inappropriate.’ A time she said: “Mommy, I really like this romper.’ I went, ‘Mmm, but don’t you think that it is cut a bit too long? Should it not be shorter?’ She went, ‘Mom, you’re the only mother in the world that a 15-year-old girl that the romper should be shorter.'”

thank you<3 @michaelkors

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Back in 2015, Michael showed that both of his children with Catherine — he also has a 39-year-old son Cameron, with ex-wife Diandra Luker — want to get into the act.

“My son and my daughter want to be in business. They both want to act and I’ve been told to be ready for rejection,” he told the Variety of the time. “That’s the one part I always warn everybody to start in the business. You should be able to take a hit and go no matter what.”

The 73-year-old actor continues, “It is difficult, but you have to deal with it because it is going to happen. I experienced a lot of rejection in my career and it is never easy. You have to keep going and someone will say yes.”

Catherine repeated those statements two years later.

“You know, it will be difficult for them, because they have their grandfather, Kirk, they have me, they have Michael, but they are so naturally fond of, and they are good!” she shared on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the time. “They go to summer camp every year, they do, like, three musicals and straight plays, and they love it.”

sick bro

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“I have a wonderful life in this business, so if they want to do it, they know the hardships and the percentages of who makes it and who doesn’t,” she added. “I think they have the talent and I know that they have the drive.”

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