‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulman, says he got shingles during the sexual misconduct investigation

‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulman said on Josh Peck’s podcast, “Curious Josh Peck,” on Tuesday that he got shingles during his sexual misconduct investigation.


“Catfish” host Nev Schulman was under so much stress during his sexual misconduct investigation, he developed a disease.

“I was so tense and I was so out of hand, and desperately trying to have it in my control that I actually have shingles,” Schulman, 33, revealed on Josh Peck’s podcast, “Curious Josh Peck.”

“Most people get it around their chest or ribs,” Schulman added. “I have him on my head.”

According to an online chat with Dr. Robert Bolash of the Cleveland Clinic, under stress, is a risk factor for getting shingles. “After the chicken pox, your body does not get rid of your system of the virus … For the majority of people, the virus just remain there quietly and cause no problems,” he said. “We are not always certain why the virus is activated, but this usually occurs in times of stress.”

In May, Schulman was accused of sexual harassment by a woman named Ayissha Morgan, who appeared on his “Catfish” series in 2015. She claims Schulman had repeatedly made uncomfortable remarks about her sexuality and his own anatomy.

Schulman denied the accusations in a statement in part, “The issue that is described in this video is not happened and I have been fortunate that there are a number of ex-colleagues who were present during this period, who are willing to speak the truth.”

The TV personality also said that he was the first to alert MTV of the allegations. Production on “the Catfish” is closed until his name was cleared a month later. The network is deemed the allegations “not credible.”

In the trial, Schulman learned a painful lesson in keeping cool under distress, adding, “It is a very meaningful, eye-opening, emotional, and physical experience.”

This article originally appeared on Page Six.

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