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Home remedies

Ear congestion happens when the inner ear is having an obstruction that makes a feeling of pressure, pain and short-term hearing loss. It may be the effect of a sinus or ear infection, a cold or flu, absorbed water or an allergy.

Alternatives to Traditional Liposuction

Still have that spot of fat you just can’t get rid of even after months of working on your physical fitness? Liposuction is a popular option for many people with the same problem. Liposuction is not the same invasive and painful procedure it was...

Treatments for Bronchitis

5 Natural Treatments for Bronchitis

When the bronchial tree within the lungs is infected severely to the point of being inflamed and producing large quantities of mucus, the resultant medical condition is known as bronchitis. In most cases it is described as being viral in nature but...

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