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Tips To Achieve Natural Looking Hair Extensions

For those of you who have had, or currently have, hair extensions; you’ll know that the underneath portion of hair can easily get knotted into unsightly chunks. When you brush it out, sections of hair can actually come out if the hair is not...

Have Great Hair All Summer Long

It’s heating up, but your hair doesn’t have to fall flat when you know what the latest trends are. What are you looking out for in summer 2012? Pastels are huge, and we’re not talking about babies! Pastel hues from pink, blue, green and purple are...

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster

Some say you can do things to make your hair grow at a faster rate. Others believe that all you can do is make your hair as healthy as possible so that it won’t be so prone to breakage. Either way, there are four main things that impact the health...

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