Catalonia on your plate: 4 southern recipes from chef José Pizarro

The Spanish chef José Pizarro went on tour through Catalonia in search of the tastiest dishes. His findings, compiled in a new cookbook. With these four recipes he already liked a taste of that.

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The Spanish cuisine has more to offer than just paella, and therefore, it was chef José Pizarro, a culinary journey through Catalonia, his favorite region. He pulled out of Barcelona, Girona to the Costa Brava in search of the most popular Catalan dishes. Pizarro decided there is a private key, and combined his recipes in The cuisine of Catalonia.

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“What I find beautiful, is that the Catalans to their culinary roots have never denied,’ says Pizarro in his book. ‘Some aspects of their recipes, or kookgewoonten go back to the middle ages. They have many interesting dishes in which meat a marriage contract with dried fruit, or with delights from the sea, or where they are on all kinds of smart ways herbs combined together.’

With these four southern leaders hoped the chef already put the spark in you to do save.

‘L’Escala is a beautiful town on the Costa Brava which will always be famous has been to the fisheries. The anchovy of here is well-known that he is not from the field late save by the cold waters.

Traditionally it was the men who went fishing and the women that the fish cleaned and baked or prepared to take him longer to be able to keep.

Today, you get the anchovies cleaned, ontgraat and marinated in oil, or you will find them salted in small pots. Last, you should clean, and so I buy them, because they are the best.’

“This court, habas a la brutesca, I find an absolute gem. You roasted young fava beans in pods on glowing charcoal until they are burnt black. Then push the beans from the pod and you make the salad. Here, I use ham, but for a vegetarian version you can substitute your favorite cheese. Or just make both versions!’

If I shave on the menu, should I have them! Here they are served with jamón ibérico and a splash of cava… heaven. For this recipe, I make the shells, clean the foot and the stomach out and then I cut them finely and mix them with the vinaigrette. They are best served if they just are willing. Bake them on the planchaen eat them all one after the other.’

“One of the things that the transition of spring to summer so much fun, is the arrival of all the summer fruits. Strawberries are among my favorites. British strawberries are considered to be among the best in the world, but also some Catalan aardbeisoorten are in their own way, aromatic, and juicy.

This is a very simple recipe, and vinegar to add, you get a refreshing zomerdessert.’

The cuisine of Catalonia (Van Halewyck, 24.99 eur) is from Saturday, August 11, in the bookstore.

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