Catalan leaders at the European Court of justice in order to sentence you to a fight

The Catalan ex-vice president, Oriol Junqueras, has, from his cell, to let me know that he and the eight others convicted by Catalan leaders to go to the European Court of Human Rights steps in to use their years of is up for discussion. Also, does he have a new onafhankelijkheidsreferendum “inevitable”.

Nine Catalan politicians and activists were on Monday by the Spanish supreme court convicted and sentenced to prison sentences of between eight and thirteen years of age, and for all the onafhankelijkheidsreferendum in 2017, and the misuse of public funds. The group, empire is a greater punishment for the rebellion.

Junqueras release to the Reuters news agency learn not to regret his actions, such as medeveroordeelden, as George Noted yesterday, has already expressed on Twitter. According to the former vice president is paving the way into the book, but the demand for independence is getting stronger.

Amnesty international: ‘the First inquiry, then, possible actions,

Amnesty International has said at the end of september, in a meeting with that’s no good is expected, since the example is “light” in it. Should that happen, it was still not sure whether or not the human rights organisation taking action.

The spokesman, Paul Helsloot late on Tuesday to know that the matter is currently under consideration. “After that, we are going to consider any operations.”

A Spanish court wants the runaway ex-prime minister, Carles Puigdemont again. He is still living in exile in Brussels, and was, therefore, not be on trial. An international arrest warrant has been issued.

Mass protests in Catalonia, after the decision of high court

A lot of Catalans ontstaken on Monday, to the anger of the judgment of the court was announced. In the region, some of the freeways are blocked, and Barcelona had a lot of important, busy roads can be impassable due to protests.

Later on the same day were all the protesters and cops clashed at the international airport of the city. The police department was made prior to the decision on the strategic points and used the rest to guard.

However, the airport was temporarily locked together. More than a hundred flights have been canceled. Dozens of agents injuries are involved, it is not clear how many arrests are made, and how many people are injured the customer.

A large protest at the airport of Barcelona

Protesters gather outside of the airport.
© Reuters

The protesters at the highway in the direction of the airport.
© Getty Images

Protesters clash with the police.
© Reuters

The protesters inside the hotel.
© Reuters

Protesters clash with the police.
© Reuters

A woman is lying on the ground.
© Reuters

To have a Catalan flag on the outside of the airport.
© Reuters

© The protesters out of the airport.

The protesters Monday night in Barcelona, spain.


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