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Julián Castro, the former Vice-President, Joe took Biden to task in last week’s Democratic presidential primary debate, not trying to downplay his role in the Obama administration’s immigration policy, but Castro was always a big critic of this policy either.

In 2012, when Castro the mayor of San Antonio was, he said, Obama “will certainly it” when it comes to immigration and the treatment of humans “human.”


“He is simply the best friend that had Latinos in the White house,” Castro told the Texas Tribune.

A year later, in an interview with Charlie Rose, Castro was asked to describe the “best and most realistic immigration policy”, and his answer sounds almost Trumpian.

“First of all, will continue to ensure that the borders are secure, to improve it,” he said. To establish “secondly, the work with the employers, with a better system, so that you can know, if you hire someone, you hire someone who is here legally. And then thirdly, there is some way to with the 11 to 12 million people who are here without papers, illegally, whatever you want to call it.”


Video from the 2013 House Judiciary Committee hearing, marked this week by The Washington Free Beacon, shows Castro in favour of a relatively tough approach to the border. He discussed how the Obama administration has achieved “unprecedented success” in the expulsion of “dangerous individuals” because they are “more boots on the ground along the border than at any other time in our history.”

The question of whether the “interior enforcement” should be used to deter future illegal immigrants by saying you from getting jobs, Castro, “Going forward, of course, enforcement is part of the conversation.”

Castro, who later became President Barack Obama’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development, the also-touted “active enforcement at our borders” and said that Obama “has already made enormous progress in terms of enforcement.” Obama’s critics, to be referred to, however, him as the “deporter-in-chief.”

Cut to 2019, and Castro criticized Biden for trying to “take credit for Obama’s work, but not the answer to all questions,” according to Biden challenged Obama-era immigration enforcement policies during the last week in the debate. He is also the author distances himself from his past support for Obama’s policies.

“He applauded, said the management of the effort to prioritize immigration enforcement, not their efforts to deport masses of immigrants,” Castro’s campaign spokesman Sawyer Hackett, the Texas Tribune.

Castro is far from the current position far away from as he described how Obama’s immigration enforcement process as “progress”. He now calls for the decriminalization of illegal border crossings and wants the undocumented immigrants get free health care, at a time when President Trump the Democrats, complains that the support of “open borders”.

In the same year, in 2013, Castro listen to, said that opening the borders would be an “extreme” policy.

“Nobody agrees with open borders,” he said. “Everyone agrees we need to secure our border.”


The former Obama officials have, so far, the debate is hardly on the same page in terms of the current immigration. The former Obama Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told The Washington Post in July that the decriminalization of illicit crossing of the border “would be to declare the equivalent of the public that we have open borders,” and that it “is impractical, unwise and not supported by the majority of the American people or the Congress, and we would have such a policy, instead of the 100,000 apprehensions in the month, it is a multiple of it.”

When you will the interview be asked during a June 2019 ABC News, whether its current policies were essentially the same as open borders, Castro, “There is no way that we can call to open the borders, because we have 654 miles of fencing, we have thousands of people at the border, we have planes, we have helicopters, boats, security cameras, weapons.”

According to his website, but Castro’s immigration plan would “[e]ffectively, the end of the restraint in the conduct of immigration enforcement, except in severe cases.” It is also the termination of border wall construction and cutting-US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) calls in half by getting rid of the enforcement and Removal operations through the distribution of its tasks to other authorities such as the Ministry of justice.

He also noted that it is a civil court system, where people can still be deported, and that not everyone who applies for asylum gets.

When asked by Fox News how Castro is the current policy to bring it into line with his previous statements, and how the prohibition of the illegal immigration would not respond in a set according to his plan, Castro campaign. In a recent statement to the Texas Tribune, Hackett, Secretary Castro said, “in contrast to some of the candidates in the year 2020, has learned the lessons of the past on immigration reform, including that no amount of deportations to bring Republicans to the table to negotiate.”

A position that Castro has clearly, over the years, his support for the creation of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants already in the United States

“I think a path to citizenship should be the option,” he said in 2013. “I don’t see that as an extreme option.”

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