Casey Anthony’s parents ask what went wrong, who was to blame for the in the new A&E special

Cindy and George Anthony sit down for an interview on A&E and discussing their life and the murder mystery of their granddaughter, Caylee ten years later.


Even now, 10 years later, Casey Anthony’s mother, Cindy, is very emotional when the subject of her granddaughter, the death occurs.

At one point during the A&E interview special “Casey Anthony’s Parents Speak,” which aired Monday night, she stormed off the set visibly upset.

The A&E special, which algo recommended Anthony’s father, George, shows the Anthonys in Orlando, Florida. at home where they believed Caylee was murdered by their own daughter, Casey.

As the couple back to the turbulent time, emotions run high.

“There are several things that I got the blame for it,” said George asks clear anger at his wife to the point where she throws her arms in the air and shouts “No!”

Cindy then abruptly from her chair and leaves the set to say: “No, but I tell you, you lied to me for a number of years and that is where our daughter was.”

George then replies: “don’t deny it.”

The interview special also shows a clip of Cindy screaming, “I was told that my granddaughter died in the swimming pool. And I want the f—ing answers.”

Another clip shows a disappointed George saying: “If one of your parents, you question a lot of times in life, you know, what did you do wrong, what could you have done better, but you can never go back.”

Later, a more emotional George cries, “We have more lost than you could ever even fathom, I don’t want to lose anymore.”

According to the Daily Mail, Cindy and George were in the process of getting divorced before learning that their daughter was pregnant more than 10 years ago. After Caylee was born in 2005, the new grandparents grew closer.

Cindy Anthony with her granddaughter Caylee in their Orlando home.


But things changed for the worst, just a short three years later.

Caylee was allegedly last seen on 16 June 2008, and was first reported missing by her grandmother on July 15. The next day, the little girl, the mother, Casey, was arrested on charges of child neglect. They told the police that her child was gone with a babysitter.

It would not be until Dec. 11 is a utility worker found skeletal remains, which were later adopted in Anthony’s.

In the 2011 trial, experts testified that the air samples indicated that rotting human remains had been present in Casey’s trunk.

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of first-degree murder of her daughter. Here she is pictured with her attorney, Jose Baez.


While the prosecutors proved Casey, the main suspect, was a liar, they could not convince the jury she is a murderer. The government failed to establish how Anthony died, and she could not find her mother’s DNA on the duct tape they said was used to suffocate her.

After a trial period of a month and a half, the jury took less than 11 hours to find Casey not guilty of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter and aggravated child abuse.

The few latest interview comes just a year after 2017 Investigation Discovery special, “Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery,” where the Anthonys sat down to discuss the decade-long mystery.

The new A&E special could be the last time the Anthonys will be seen in their Florida currently in foreclosure. But this is not the first time that the couple is reportedly not the payment of their mortgage. According to the Daily Mail, this is the third time since 2010 that the couple has slipped into the foreclosure process.

Casey, who is said to talk with her mother every now and then, but it is not on speaking terms with her father, currently lives in Palm Beach, Fla.

Fox News’ Stephanie Nolasco contributed to this report.

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