Carter contacts page, Obama’s FBI-window in the trump team in the world?

The former trump adviser to Carter Page says he communicates with the members of the Trump campaign, according to the FBI espionage began on him.


The former trump adviser to Carter page, and detects the communication with trump campaign contacts, according to the FBI espionage began on him– that indicates that several members of the president’s team were probably caught up in the secret government surveillance, which began days before the election in 2016.

J. Christian Adams, a former justice Department lawyer who is now the President of the Public interest, Legal Foundation, told Fox News, ” if it is an electronic surveillance, there is no chance, they were not caught.”

“One would normally think that innocent third parties would be protected, but we have seen, in this Chaos, unmasking of otherwise innocent people, and their conversations,” said Adams.

Page acknowledged to Fox News that he passed, members of the trump campaign in the Oct. 28, 2016, to a European organization with its headquarters in, where he defended himself, according to his campaign departure.

He said that the “main thing that I remember to contact you,” during the time he had left, the campaign, and under the supervision.

“So, should all of the Mail already picked up with the illegal hacking operation that began in Washington for about a week,” Page said in an E -.

By itself, the E-Mail contact only shows that a single message of the campaign could have contacts, monitored by the law enforcement authorities. However, it increases the possibility that no additional messages to those contacts – including E-Mails from you to the side – could be taken up, as well.

Curious, the October letter also reference opposition research, it seemed that it would show up months later, allegedly was used to the surveillance warrant against him.

“I have learned from a reliable source, that a firm in the vicinity of the Clinton-has hired a campaign to investigate a London-based private detective, my trip to Russia,” page wrote, in an obvious reference to the former British spy Christopher Steele, who wrote the unverified anti-Trump-dossier.

Page has long been questions about his connections and contacts with Russian officials, and to the left of the Trump-confronted-campaign as a consultant in September 2016 in the midst of negative news on these contacts.

The Ministry of justice and the FBI then searched “and found” a probable cause to authorize “electronic monitoring” on page on Oct. 21, 2016, according to the recently published memo from the House Intelligence Committee, a Republican. The memo claims the anti-Trump dossier was critical guarantee in the procurement, that, although the Democrats claim that the GOP memo was misleading.

Carter Page October 2016 letter to Fox News on Scribd


Page not yet reveal which campaign the figures, which he with the communication.

“This is not ancient history, so knows a lot,” he said.

But the former foreign policy Advisor says he sent a copy of the October 2016 letter to more than 10 people in connection with the trump campaign, including full-time employees, with E-Mail addresses, and other campaign volunteers.


Tucker: How many people in Trump’s orbit were not being spied on by the FBI?

The letter was originally sent to the organization for security and cooperation in Europe. In the letter, obtained by Fox News that page shoved back in front of questions about his relationship with the people in Russia and accused the Democrats of “outrageous” abuse “core democratic principles” by their attacks on him during the campaign.

“I am currently not affiliated with a political campaign, but the continued personal attacks by the” Hillary for America ” campaign against me based on completely made to show the inaccurate information, which can help clear these injuries,” page wrote in the organization.

It is also known that the side was in contact with at least a top trump adviser during the time he was under observation. He told the House Intelligence Committee, in November, he spoke with Steve Bannon, the former senior campaign and White House aide, in January 2017, and said not to push Bannon called to follow him through, with a scheduled appearance on MSNBC.

“We had witnessed a short conversation in January, and we exchanged a few SMS messages,” on page. “This is it.”

A former DOJ lawyer, told Politico that the page could the conversation with Bannon also “picked up” in the monitoring.

Bannon not returned a request for comment. A spokesman for the House Intelligence Committee, declined to comment.


Since the memo of the monitoring page released have been charged, the critics, the FBI used the dubious dossier prepared as a campaign to eavesdrop on opposition research, to get the with the support of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee, a permission from the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court Trump’s campaign and the transition of the communication in the team.

“How many people have been monitored and to what extent?” Fox News’ Tucker Carlson said on Friday, “Tucker Carlson tonight.” “How much the President has to know Obama? We still don’t have the answers to these questions, but we definitely have the right to it.”

According to the Intelligence Committee GOP memo, the FBI and DOJ a first FISA warrant”, in October-targeting”-page, and three of the FISA renewals for the court.

Fox News’ Alex Pfeiffer contributed to this report.

Alex Pappas is a political reporter at Follow him on Twitter at @Alex Pappas.

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