Carrefour stop selling polluting pangasius

Supermarket chain Carrefour to stop the sale of pangasius. Does the company because of the impact that the breeding of the species has on the environment . Yet wildlife WWF not wildly enthusiastic: “If European companies do not have any pangasius more want to sell, removes the need in that sector to become more sustainable.”

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As of today, there is no fresh pangasius more to be found in Carrefour stores. Shops still have a stock of frozen fish have, they will still sell, but seem to be the days of the tropical fish in Carrefour stores counted. The reason for that decision is the “doubt remains about the adverse environmental impacts of the pangasiuskweek”.

The chain says “always taken the necessary precautions to have the quality of the products to ensure, in particular by means of the terms and conditions that the suppliers imposed and regulated controls on the breeding and production sites”. Carrefour is said to be convinced about the “impeccable quality” of its pangasius, but adds that “the environmental impacts of the cultivation of this species is not under control get”. They point, inter alia, the contamination of the water by the amount of excrement and the waste of fish food.

Sustainably farmed fish

Nevertheless, it is the Belgian branch of wildlife WWF not entirely happy with the action. Carrefour is in a process to more sustainable fish to sell, but in the case of pangasius, the supermarket chain for the product is not to be replaced by the ASC-certified fish. That is there nevertheless: currently there are 39 certified breeders that meet the stringent sustainability requirements of that ASC-label meet, and which include, among others, Delhaize, Colruyt and Lidl sell. In addition, Vietnam, an important pangasiusproducerend country with a bad reputation, efforts to improve the situation.

When Carrefour decided to sell the popular pangasius simply stop, disappear according to the WWF, an important incentive for polluting countries and producers. “If European companies do not have any pangasius more wish to sell all the need in that sector to a more sustainable and then the producers focus on the cheapest segment, where no sustainability requirements.”

Carrefour is said to have tried to take a ASC-supply of the tropical fish from which to build, but that didn’t work as desired. As an alternative, wants the supermarket to its customers now fish recommend that fewer miles have to take. “We find the important products of close to offer. That is also why we as the only supermarket chain to be present at the fish auction in Zeebrugge.”

You want only sustainable grown or caught fish to buy? The List clearly shows what types of you without objections in your shopping basket, can lay.

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