Carolina Dijkhuizen try private after pressed by work to pick up

Carolina Dijkhuizen try private after pressed by work to pick up

Carolina Dijkhuizen is engaged to her personal life to get back to, after she this by her busy job as a musicalactrice in The Bodyguard, say that neglected.

“That prince on the white horse would be nice, yes. Though I am aware that I’m allergic to horses,” says Dijkhuizen in Woman.

Dijkhuizen, who prematurely stopped play inThe Bodyguard, says that she likes a man would want in her life. “I miss someone next to me. In itself, I am a independent woman, but you don’t want to always do everything yourself.”

“With a group of friends have we ever thought to go speeddaten. That seems to me still funny. Busy is the only not yet to come”, explains 36-year-old actress. “I’ve not to complain about attention from men. And especially the last year, I am starting to date.”

Dijkhuizen explains in Woman during dates shy. “How extroverted I am in my work, so shy am I beyond. On Tinder I got only pictures of piemels forwarded. You think: ‘Well, you know, but perhaps we should first take a tea of your do…'”


It also helped her fame not on the datingapp. “Men who suddenly it differently from me were going to do as soon as they knew that I’m known. I’d rather someone not know who I am. Though I had the last date which is thirty times cried: ‘I know you not at all’. That was him not.”

Monday is the Valentine’s day: a day which He hates. “I do not believe that I was on the day itself ever’ve been in a relationship. That was already, or started just afterward and got the following. Of course it is a commercial day, but it should be fun as a man than something special for you.”

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