Carol Alt reflects on her decades-long career, the aftermath of being named ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’

Supermodel Carol Alt is currently the creative marketing director of Kat Perkins.

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In 1980, brunette beauty Carol Alt was hailed as “The Next Million Dollar Face” by Life Magazine and soon after, Playboy came calling, crowning her “The most Beautiful Woman in the World.” Still, the statuesque supermodel was looking to make a difference than her appearance.

Since then, the 57-year-old is the kick-off for a completely unique career — that of an advocate for the raw food movement, which focuses on the promotion of good health by enjoying raw foods. Alt insisted it is her secret to help her against the misery which she endured behind the camera.

But a few books later, Alto is ready to begin the next chapter of her life. She is currently the creative marketing director for luxury removable shoe line Cat Perkins and even teased the idea of making a collection of her own in the New Year.

Fox News talked with the Alt about landing the cover of Sports Illustrated and at the moment that everything changed.

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Fox News: looking back, what were some of the challenges you faced as a model?
Carol Alt: funnily enough, when I started back in the day, brown hair was exotic… It was blond hair and blue eyes, which are all related to… The agency said to me, “do not your heart to do that many covers. You have brown hair.” And then in 1986, it was normal to see a brown-haired girl on the cover… even though today is the day, that doesn’t look like diversity, but back in the day it was.

Fox News: How has being called “The most Beautiful Woman of the World” impact in the past few years?
Alt: Eventually, at the beginning, it is super flattering and of course, if you have a young model and you need the publicity to create an image, a career, it was very, very nice to hear that.

Hugh Hefner was the one who called me “the most beautiful woman in the world.” I thought, out of all the women he has worked! He had not even worked with me at that time… And of course, as you get older, it becomes even more flattering when someone says that in the moment. I am 57, so it’s nice to hear that.

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Fox News: Describe that moment when you saw your 1982 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover for the first time.
Alt: I was in Paris shooting for Lancome. I was in London, after. But the agency called me and said, “You need to come back to New York.” Of course, the first thing my brain goes: “What a disaster happened?” “Is my family ok?”

But then they said, “Everything is fine, you just need to appear on ‘Good Morning America.'” I thought, “Really? You are going to fly me out to Paris to do ‘Good Morning America’ and then you’re going to fly me out that afternoon to London, and then push a whole shoot?” But they would not tell me why.

Fox News: And then what happened?
Alt: When I was back in New York, when she told me that if I was to get dressed to do “Good Morning America”… I was too tired to register the fact that I one way or the other the cover. But when they revealed that photo, I thought, “I kind of look like a little boy.” And that was the last shot of the last day. I could not even brush my hair. It was the one picture where I said, “Oh, they will never use.”

Carol Alt on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

(With thanks to Carol Alt)

I learned that until two days before, they had Kim Alexis on the cover laying on a stone wall. But at the last moment they changed their mind. And oddly enough, Christie Brinkley… did Life Magazine and the cover was of her in the same bathing suit. I thought, “This is terrible, because she looks better in than I do!” I will always see myself as the daughter of a firefighter, a geeky, overweight teenager with curly hair.

Fox News: After your success, what made you want to start a healthier lifestyle?
Alt: I must say, it started as a vanity thing. I was on a shoot, I was 34-35 years old. There was a 22-year-old model. I don’t think she was particularly beautiful. She was ok, but oh so attractive. The entire set is attracted to her, because she had this energy and enthusiasm for life. She was jumping around and having a good time.

I was a bit tired and even though I was the name of the project… they put me to shame. They really had. I looked at her in fascination. I was not angry or jealous of her… But I was thinking, “How do I go from that… to feel so tired, bloated and ugly? I’m hiding behind rocks and I don’t want to be here. What happened?” I started researching and I began to pray, because I realized that something was wrong.

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Fox News: What have you done?
Alt: I’ve tried everything. I tried the Beverly Hills diet, but I was surrendering, frozen blueberries, because it was disgusting… It was horrible. I tried not to eat – not good for me… I [eventually] called a doctor, a friend of mine suggested… everything he said made so much sense that I knew it was the truth.

All the things that happened to me, I do not. Such as heartburn, headaches, sinuses, infection – I have never suffered from them again. It was almost an immediate relief of the business. We are not told all of these are related to food. We have just said, “the Purchase of a pill.” Changing my diet was all I needed to do.

Fox News: How to tackle the pressures of the fashion industry?
Alt: Everyone expects you to look perfect. It is so much pressure that women are getting their faces pulled and tucked and injected to achieve a certain anti-aging affect when most of that can be treated with diet. And then, a little here and there you will have a greater effect. I’m not against those things. I’m just against the use of it. Or does it to the point where it drastically changes the way you appear.

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The first thing that makes a woman look old for me is the work that she had done on her face. It tells me how insecure she is. That is very unattractive to me. If a guy was to do that, so you know how insecure they feel? Why would I have a date with a man? What attracts me is someone who has passion and confidence. That is a business card.

Fox News: You’re now the creative marketing director for Cat Perkins.
Alt: They created a huge base, a technology that nobody else has. That is the reason why I’m concerned. I cold-called a year ago and said: “I want to help.” We have launched a website in December and we sold out so quickly.

As soon as someone gets this shoe to their foot, they order it immediately. It is luxurious and stylish, but the hidden secret is it is a sport insole so it’s like walking in sneakers…. What I want to do now is make a line from the red carpet shoes for women. Who doesn’t love shoes?

Loving my @catperkins_shoes

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