‘Cargo’, ‘Le Fidèle’, and ‘Facades’ are favourites for the Ensors

Philippe Geubels can be an ‘Oscar of the Flemish film to win’.

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Cargo is the number one favourite for the Ensors, the Flemish film awards on 15 september for the ninth time, will be awarded on the closing night of the film Festival of Ostend. The first film by Gilles Coulier, won ten nominations in the guard in eight categories, three of which are in the category of Best Actor, with Sebastien Dewaele, Sam Louwyck Wim Willaert.

Two other films, the Facades of Kaat Beels and Le Fidèle by Michaël Roskam, were in nine categories nominated. Both are obviously nominated for Best Film, next to Cargo, Patser of Adil El Arbi and Bilal Fallah, and Zagros of Sahim Omar & The. Those last two movies were each six times nominated.

On Patser after the publieksfilms striking hard this year. Jan Verheyen made two good scoring films, FC De Kampioenen 3 and The second face, and got nothing for that last one nomination, for Best editing.

In the category Best Documentary Rabot, the critically acclaimed film by Christina Vandekerckhove, towering favorite, but there is the Taboo, the One program in which Philippe Geubels minorities that invites them to laugh, is another notable nominee.

In the tv categories, Tabula rasa, the great nominatieslokop. The series was eight times nominated, but only four frames to win, because they are for two Ensor, Best Actor and Best Actress, three time nominated. Natali Broods can not only Best Actress with her role in Tabula rasa, but also with her work for The infiltrator. In addition, she can also win in the category for film actress with her share in the Facades.

Nominations Ensor 2018

Best Film

  • Cargo (Gilles Coulier)
  • Facades (Kaat Beels)
  • Le fidèle (Michaël R. Roskam)
  • Patser (Adil el Arbi and Bilall Fallah
  • Zagros (Sahim Omar & The)

Best Director

  • Adil el Arbi & Bilall Fallah (Patser)
  • Kaat Beels & Nathalie Basteyns (Facades)
  • Gilles Coulier (Cargo)
  • Sahim Omar & The (Zagros)
  • Michaël R. Roskam (Le fidèle)

Best Scenario

  • Gilles Coulier and Tom Dupont (Cargo)
  • Sahim Omar & The Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem (Zagros)
  • Jan Pepermans (Facades)
  • Michaël R. Roskam (Le fidèle)
  • Bert Scholiers (Charlie and Hannah are going out)

Best Actor

  • Sebastien Dewaele (Cargo)
  • Johan Leysen (Facades)
  • Sam Louwyck (Cargo)
  • Matthias Schoenaerts (Le fidèle)
  • Wim Willaert (Cargo)

Best Actress

  • Evelyn Bosman (Charlie and Hannah are going out)
  • Natali Broods (Facades)
  • Viviane de Muynck (Many heavens above the seventh)
  • Adèle Exarchopoulos (Le fidèle)
  • Lady Halīma Ilter (Zagros)

Best Director of Photography

  • Robrecht Heyvaert (Patser)
  • Ruben Impens (Zagros)
  • Nicolas Karakatsanis (Le fidèle)
  • Anton Mertens (Facades)
  • David Williamson (Cargo)

Best Productiedesign

  • Philippe Bertin, Charlotte Goethals, Evalotte Oosterop, Valerie Le Roy (Cargo)
  • Philippe Bertin, Kristin Van Passel, Barbara Bijelic (Zagros)
  • Geert Paredis, Kristin Van Passel, Mariel Hoevenaars (Le fidèle)
  • Hubert Pouille, Catherine Marchand, Li Dang-vu (Facades)
  • Stijn Verhoeven, Darien Biesmans, Katrien Frenssen, Nina Caspari (Patser)

Best Music

  • Peter Baert (Facades)
  • Hannes De Meyer (Patser)
  • Raf Keunen (Le fidèle)
  • Spinvis (Many heavens above the seventh)
  • Liesa van der Aa (Cargo)

Best Editing

  • Adil El Arbi, Bilall Fallah, Kobe Van Steenberghe, Thijs Van Nuffel (Patser)
  • Tom Denoyette (Cargo)
  • Alain Dessauvage (Le fidèle)
  • Bert Jacobs bert (Facades)
  • Philippe Ravoet (The second face)

Best Documentary

  • Ceres (Janet van den Brand)
  • Cornered in Molenbeek (Sahim Omar & The)
  • Michel, actor loses the words (Irma Wijsman and Patrick Minks)
  • Rabot (Christina Vandekerckhove)
  • Taboo (Philippe Geubels)

Best Jeugdfilm

  • Baba Yega: The Movie (Michael Van Ostade)
  • Heroes above all (Geerard van de Walle)
  • K3 Love Cruise ( Frederik Sonck)
  • Rosie & Moussa (Dorothée van den Berghe)
  • Zooks (Dimitri and Kristoff Leue)

Best Tv series

  • The infiltrator (Joel Vanhoebrouck)
  • Sense of tumor (Tom Goris)
  • Salamander 2 (Frank Van Mechelen)
  • Tabula rasa (Kaat Beels & Jonas Govaerts)
  • Tytgat chocolat (Marc Bryssinck and Filip Lenaerts)

Best Screenplay (tv)

  • Malin-Sarah Gozin, Veerle Baetens, Christophe Dirickx (Tabula rasa)
  • Bas Adriaensen, Philippe De Schepper (The Infiltrator)
  • Marc Bryssinck , Filip Lenaerts (Tytgat chocolat)
  • Leander Verdievel, Mathias Claeys, Tom Goris (Sense of tumor)
  • Ward Hulselmans (Salamander 2)

Best Director (tv)

  • Tom Goris (Sense of tumor)
  • Kaat Beels & Jonas Govaerts (Tabula rasa)
  • Marc Bryssinck , Filip Lenaerts (Tytgat chocolat)
  • Joel Vanhoebrouck (The infiltrator)
  • Frank Van Mechelen (Salamander 2)

Best Actor (tv)

  • Jeroen Perceval (Tabula rasa)
  • Dirk Roofthooft (The infiltrator)
  • Peter van den Begin (Tabula rasa)
  • Stijn Van Opstal (Tabula rasa)
  • Geert Van Rampelbergh (The infiltrator)

Best Actress (tv)

  • Veerle Baetens (Tabula rasa)
  • Natali Broods (The infiltrator)
  • Natali Broods (Tabula rasa)
  • Marthe Schneider (Sense of tumor)
  • Lynn Van Royen (Tabula rasa)

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