Cardinal: ‘Reports about child abuse by priests were being destroyed’

A high-ranking cardinal says that reports about priests who were accused of child abuse sometimes never were prepared. In other cases, would the documents even be aware are destroyed by the top of the church.

This allowed the priests to freely continue, the German cardinal Reinhard Marx, according to news agency AFP on Saturday during a summit in the Vatican city on the protection of minors against abuse.

The cardinal says that the attempts of the top of the church to the scandals to do to make it disappear, the faith in a bad light.

Last year saw the cardinal, the head of the roman catholic church in Germany, is forced to apologize after a comprehensive study in the country had shown that between 1946 and 2014 3.677 minors were abused by 1.670 church officers.

“For far too long within the church lied about abuse, there is weggekeken and cover up stopped. For all the failure and all the pain, I offer apologies, ‘ said the cardinal when.

Concrete measures are needed within the church’

On Saturday, he has called for concrete measures against the abuse within the catholic church. At the top are also misbruikslachtoffers present. They have previously reported that they the nice words, but that she acts like to see.

The meeting lasts until February 24. The summit was in september, announced after a series of new misbruikschandalen within the church.

Pope Francis will be Sunday, closing with a speech.


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