Carcela: ‘I have my two best seasons in Russia played’

Mehdi Carcela comes with Olympiacos back above water after a less season at Granada. Sport/Voetbalmagazine sought the ex-seasoning of the Standard in Athens. He talks about his family in Spain and his love for Indian cinema.

Mehdi Carcela in Athens. © BELGAIMAGE

Mehdi Carcela about…

… last season in Granada:

“I felt like a fish in the water in La Liga, that really is the league that suits me: technical game on the ground. And the life in the land of my ancestors was also great. I met the sister of my grandfather and a number of nieces and nephews. They are also arranged to come and watch, because they will cheer Granada.’

“The Chinese investor has done a lot for the club, but you felt that the experience lacked, especially on transfergebied. Therefore, we had to fight for preservation: a lot of players were ‘naive’ for La Liga. I was however, planning to continue when we are saved.”

“Mentally it was difficult. At my previous clubs, I was never just to much to lose. That was really more difficult than I had thought. The team was on a psychological level are often not followed up, we were self-appointed.’

… years of his life in Russian is self-employed:

‘Anzji was the best choice in my career. I played alongside an all-star as Samuel Eto’o and we went there in two years and truly on ahead. I have my two best seasons in Russia played.’

‘Chairman Kerimov had a big heart and gave love gifts to its players. Each week we were with him, go to dinner, each in a different residence. We ate well, and sometimes gifts, well-known American rappers, there is a privéconcert. He loved the good life, Kerimov. He has with death, flirting (he was severely burned in an accident with a Ferrari inNice, ed) and that you could feel in the attention that people gave.’

… life after his football career:

‘I think I than to foot a journey around the world go to make. Not as a sporting challenge, but to own cultures. I would then have the freedom and the time to the Mehdi after the football to discover. Indonesia and India speak to me. I love that culture, I’m a fan of the Indian cinema. In the past if I laughed about it, but since my cousin me had to get to know, I look constantly. They are images well composed stories from with pain the actors that emotions can generate.’

Read the full interview with Mehdi Carcela in our Plus-zone or in Sport/Voetbalmagazine of Wednesday 21 september.

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