Car dealer still missing weeks after the kidnapping, the $2 million ransom demand

Ruochen “Tony” Liao, 28, was kidnapped by three men in San Gabriel, California, on July 16, 2018, the authorities say.


A California man kidnapped last month remains missing, such as the FBI searches for clues and three suspects who demanded a $2 million ransom, reports said.

Ruochen “Tony” Liao, 28, was kidnapped on 16 July in a San Gabriel shopping plaza, about 10 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, FBI officials said.

Liao, who is the owner of a Southern California luxury-car dealership, had finished an evening meeting with business partners, when three men kidnapped him. The men, who allegedly pulled up in two vehicles, a Toyota minivan and a Range Rover, the officials said.

This is a picture of Tony Liao in 2017. The kidnappers contact Liao’s family in China and asked for 2 million dollars ransom, but it had no instructions on how to deliver it, the officials said.


Although a motive has not been determined, the kidnapping, followed by a possible robbery or business deal gone bad, FBI officials said.

Witnesses said Liao came in a black van, probably a Toyota Sienna, with one of the men around 7:30 pm PT, Southern California Orange County Register reported. The two other men left the scene in a black SUV believed to be the new Range Rover, according to FBI officials.

The kidnappers contact Liao’s family in China and asked for 2 million dollars ransom, the report said. But the kidnappers did not give instructions about the manner in which the ransom.

The family has not heard from the defendants for about a month, said Gene Kowel, an assistant-special-agent-in-charge at the FBI in Los Angeles.

There are also some leads, in the Registry reported.

“Our hope is that Tony is still alive. We operate under the assumption that he is still alive,” Kowel said. “However, we do be concerned if these cases, the progress of the chance of someone remaining life.”

Liao family in China, his sacri ce a $150,000 reward, in addition to a $25,000 reward offered by the FBI for information that could lead to Liao location.

The FBI released a forensic sketch of a suspect identified as “David.”


The FBI on Monday released a sketch of one of the suspects, only as “David”, which is supposed to be a well-known Liao. The authorities, said he speaks Mandarin, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The defendant was present at the meeting with Liao, Matthew Lombard, a lawyer for Liao’s family said.

“Tony may have gone to an existing payment on a car or the purchase of a car,” he said. “It is a revenge kidnapping or to resolve a business dispute.”

FBI officials said Liao would have been involved in a number of indecent people through his company, the Register reported.

But a good friend by the name Chris said Liao “work hard for every dollar.”

“He is not the type of person to try to take advantage of others. I think the reason he was kidnapped is that someone tried to take advantage of him,” Chris said.

“He is a loved person by his family. He is their only child, and they are very worried about him.”

– Matthew Lombard, lawyer for Liao family

Lombard said the family is “terrified.”

“He is a loved person by his family,” Lombard said. “He is their only child, and they are very worried about him.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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