Captain reddingsschip the Sea-Watch the 3 were arrested in the port of Lampedusa

The captain of the disputed reddingsschip a Sea-Watch, 3, on board of forty migrants, was on Saturday arrested after the ship, while stopping at the port of the Italian island of Lampedusa.

The Sea Watch was 3 years old on Thursday, despite a ban in the port of Lampedusa is already entered. The Italian police went in, according to news agency associated press already on board. Under the Sea-Watch, 42 migrants in dire need of help.

The ship, of the German organization, which sails under the Dutch flag, to see a patrol boat of the coast guard, and set off in the direction of the Italian island in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to captain Gene Rackete the situation on board both. The German organisation, Sea Watch, says that she is a sixty-hour ago, to declare a state of emergency has been declared, but none of the call of hearing has been given.

In the night from Friday to Saturday, it was decided to have the harbor in a boat. The Italian port police has been informed accordingly.

According to a spokesman of the Sea-Watch, four European countries have offered to take the migrants on board the ship to take it. It’s going to be in Germany, belgium, Portugal, France, germany, and France.


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