Capitol attitude: Just good enough

There was some good news for the house Republicans if the Congressional Budget Office released its updated analysis of the GOP health bill-Wednesday: No sitting Republican body slammed a Congress reporter on the ground, if you asked.

The CBO report may have triggered a couple of responses, like the one with the legislator, take out your frustrations on the press. Instead, the CBO study on health care measure, breathed life into the plan to live for another day.

“I feel good”, said speaker of the house of representatives Paul Ryan, R-Wis., Moments after the non-partisan CBO released its revised score of the legislation. “It’s great.”

Things could have been much worse.

The CBO produced a nasty review of the original legislation in March. At that time, the CBO predicts that an additional 24 million Americans would lose health care coverage. According to the GOP brass, the package is distorted into something the house is squeezed, the CBO now claims that only 23 million Americans to lose insurance.

As a result of damage to the CBO score is to repeal the plan and replace ObamaCare?

The study is important for the maintenance of the effort. As for the policy? Not so great.

Maybe that is the reason why a number of house GOPers bridged low, the CBO forecasts, how many people might lose coverage. This was an effort to the occupation of the health care bill in the best light.

“The CBO has in the past on a number of elements,” said Rep.’s Morgan Griffith, R-Va “It is not that they are bad people in the CBO. The future is difficult to predict.”

“They are not prophets,” said Rep. Tom MacArthur, R-N. J., of the CBO.

MacArthur is a key change, written to tweak the bill and help usher to passage it.

“Just because a group of auditors, say, down the block, that something will happen does not make it so,” added MacArthur.

The CBO is not only some of the colorful mixing of the “auditors down the block.” CBO staff work for the Congress, which is controlled by the Republicans. If the GOP does not want to the CBO, well…

Never mind that Ryan and the rest of the house GOP leadership made a point of hanging on the house-approved bill for weeks and not shipping it to the Senate, to the CBO update is produced. There is concern that the house could be forced to re-tune the plan when the CBO metric, exploded the deficit and made the package difficult to manage in the Senate.

House Minority whip Steny Hoyer, D-MD, in the face of this problem, in the pro -, soil-conversation with House majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif.

“Is coming back this bill to the house? Should we expect another voice to you?” Hoyer asked. “If we are going to plan, we should at least be terminated.”

McCarthy dodged several requests of Hoyer, will never directly say, if the house could be to re-vote the issue.

“This is a technical Problem,” said McCarthy.

But a re-vote would have been anything but technical.

Here’s why.

The house and Senate GOP leadership chosen developed to treat, the health care bill under a special set of rules to avoid a filibuster. “Budget reconciliation” is a process that is vaccinated, the Senate filibusters. Garden, various bills are subject to filibusters.

The Senate budget reconciliation rules prohibit a scheme that added to the deficit. These rules are immediately removed from the exchange and it would be immediately the house-passed measure is not eligible for reconciliation. The elimination of these provisions could be a death knell for the bill. The legislation had not comported with the reconciliation rules, the house may have been forced, fillet of essential parts of the draft law significantly change the substance of the legislation, and then send the package to the Senate.

If the house had to revote this law, it is almost as if the successful vote happens at the beginning of this month, never.

The Republicans would not be closer to the finish line, as she ripped the original package from the ground, before a likely failed vote in March. A re-vote scenario, would have converted, the trump Administration, tangy, lap of honor ceremony at the White house in a public relations disaster. Remember President George W. Bush landing on an aircraft carrier only a few months after the war in Iraq? Remember, meeting the giant “Mission” banner adorned, behind the President?

These circumstances have placed in the shade, that public relations fiasco.

But, alas, the CBO, the law says design saves money. This suggests that it should be Byrd, in accordance with the Senate the “rule”, named after the late Senate majority Leader Robert Byrd, D WV. Otherwise, Senate Deputy Elizabeth MacDonough would immediately strip the non-compliance with the provisions of the law. In order to bounce on the health care bill by the elite reconciliation status would, under the plan, a Democratic filibuster. All of the filibuster under conventional Senate rules likely torches the entire company.

In 2009, house Democrats their own health care passed bill. But later in the house a bare dragged on, basically, empty, budget-vote “shell” and delivered to the Senate. The Senate is stuffed then its final version of Obamacare in the shell, and returned it to the house for final passage. You wonder why House Republicans are not okay with your health package outside the reconciliation window and issue a “shell” for the Senate to complete the work. So, house Republicans, a lot of would say on their own account – even if that’s not the thing that will probably appear on the goal line.

Paul Ryan did not want to send Senate majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, with a non-functioning product. This is one of the reasons the house, held on the bill. Ryan and the others were waiting for CBO-clearance. Still, the Senate plans to write his own bill and that this measure will lead to fall by the vote. But so far there is no plan, which commands 51 Senate votes.

“You are stuck” said the Senate majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-NY.

Maybe. But for now, the CBO score – not great – keeps the health care measure alive for another round in the Senate.

The CBO report led the Republicans with a problem: How the GOP wants, they removed the top of an additional 23 million people with no health insurance. This is a simple campaign line for the Democrats. Perhaps this is the reason why so many Republicans rushed to undermine the CBO. There are questions whether the Republicans would have accepted the CBO had report nothing but gumdrops and rainbows.

The it is not.

But the CBO score is good enough for the maintenance of health care expenses.

And this is all the Republicans had hoped at this stage.


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