Cannes update: the filmnieuws of Sunday

Cannes update: the filmnieuws of Sunday

The seventieth edition of the prestigious film Festival of Cannes is Wednesday started. Over the next week and a half to come all filmnieuwtjes over, that daily bundle.

Arnold Schwarzenegger confirms role in new movie in the Terminator series

Arnold Schwarzenegger will return in the sixth film of the Terminator series, he said in an interview during the film festival. James Cameron, the first two films in the series directed, the film will produce. The actor also had to know that there is currently being worked on the script for Triplets, the sequel to the comedy Twins (1988).

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Arnold Schwarzenegger see new Terminator movie

Moonlight draws in the Netherlands 300,000 people to the cinema

Triple “oscar” Italian Moonlight has done very well in the Dutch cinemas. The intimate drama about a young dark gay in Miami pulled in four months, nearly 300,000 visitors, a remarkable number for a small arthousetitel. That has distributor Splended Film Sunday reported on the festival of Cannes.

Sandler and Stiller rehearsed fight scene not

Actors Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller could be a big fight scene that they have together in the film The Meyerowitz Stories have not practice. There was no budget for stuntmensen, so she had but to improvise.

Stiller and Sandler play two brothers whose relationship is on edge, comes to stand as their father (Dustin Hoffman) in the hospital fighting for his life. “We had no one who us gave directions and we were able to the scene is not very often to run, so we did but what,” says Stiller. “It had to be there especially intense look, so I went there vól in,” adds Sandler added. “I had after that headbutt, I think, really a headache.”

Dustin Hoffman had doubts about role of old man

Actor Dustin Hoffman refused in the first instance, the role of the old father to play in his new movie The Meyerowitz Stories. “Actually, I thought that they would send me for one of the two sons had asked. I was a bit offended that I’m an old man had to play. My son has the scenario also read and me finally persuaded to do it.”

The 79-year-old Hoffman has, incidentally, no regret. “The talent of director and screenwriter Noah Baumbach can’t possibly be overestimated”, praises the actor. “Since The Graduate I have no scenario more to read where I was on the set no letter more do not want to change. Each word is touch, every sentence sounds like music. To texts like this you need as an actor also does not want anything to change or ruin.”

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