Cannes update: the filmnieuws of Saturday

Cannes update: the filmnieuws of Saturday

The seventieth edition of the prestigious film Festival of Cannes is Wednesday started. Over the next week and a half to come all filmnieuwtjes over, that daily bundle.

Robert Pattinson gets the role in two film The Souvenir

Robert Pattinson is going to play a role in the two-part film, The Souvenir, together with Tom Burke, Ariane Labed and Richard Ayoade. The movie plays out in your eighties of the last century and follows a student at the academy who has a relationship with a complicated and unreliable man. Burke will be starring in the first part of the film, interpret, Pattinson gets the second male lead.

Thomas Acda directs first feature film

Actor and singer Thomas Acda is his first feature film directing. Gijs Naber, Hanna van Vliet, Renée Fokker, and Liz Snoijink play the lead roles in Oh Baby. Also, Eric van Sauers and Sarah Bird are in the film. Oh Baby tells the story of a songwriter (Naber) who after the death of his fixed scharrel-only to discover that he is an eight month old son.

Producer Jeffrey Katzenberg awarded with the Golden Palm

Jeffrey Katzenberg, during the seventieth edition of the Cannes film Festival Golden Palm. Katzenberg received the award from the hands of Will Smith, Uma Thurman, Ted Sarandos and Jim Gianopolous.

According to Thierry Fremaux, the organiser of the film Festival has Katzenberg played a big role for the festival. “When Katzenberg in 2001 with Shrek to the festival came he made sure that we have more experimental films to the festival went. Without Katzenberg, the festival would not be where it is today,” said Fremaux.

Director Pieter Verhoeff is working on a film about Herman Koch

Director Pieter Verhoeff is working on a film about Herman Koch. The writer gives himself extended his work on the portrait, that this winter should be emitted by the Hour of the Wolf.

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