Candidate Kryptonite In Miami, In debates, leading in 2020 Dems will be able to, through these pitfalls

in the vicinity ofthe video which presidential candidate has the most to lose in the upcoming Democratic debate?

Campaign strategist John Thomas weighs in on ‘Fox & friends First.’

Joe Biden is out-of-step with today’s progressive? Elizabeth Warren struggle with questions about their ancestry claims? Bernie Sanders show irritation with the questions?

With 20 candidates, the displacement of the first debate Phase of the cycle over the next two nights, the Democrats running for President, transmission time, in the hope for a stand-out moment that makes you different from your competitors.will fight for every second

But they also hope the precious minutes of attention in Miami is not the light on your apparent political weaknesses, as they try to convince Democratic voters to be the best President of the Trump in the year 2020.

Donna Brazile, the Democratic presidential candidates jockeying for the position before the first debate

Expect more policy proposals seek to 2020 hopefuls for ways to distinguish themselves from their rivals, says Fox News contributor Donna Brazile, former DNC interim chair.

“The preparation for this debate, the candidates have to figure out a way to basically stand and draw a comparison with each other,” former Democratic National Committee leader, Donna Brazile, said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.”

While some Democrats may be able to use the debate to “get out of the so-called box,” Brazile said the other candidates “could prove that the maybe not your time.”

Here are some of the pitfalls are, the top-tier candidates will likely hope to avoid:

Front-runner Without a yVideo

But he leads in almost all national and early state polls, Joe Biden, chief of mission of the debates is to avoid the impression that he is out of touch with today’s progressive Democratic party in both substance and style. This is something that Biden– who spent 44 years in Washington as a senator and a Vice President, has fought to overcome.

To respect before entering the competition earlier this year, Biden was vowed to be forced to release a video, “aware of personal space be in the future,” in the midst of complaints from women of unwanted physical contact of Biden in the political events. Biden said that, as a politician, he would sometimes, voters touch to show when you talk to them, “I care, and I’ll listen.” It has to answer forced Biden tough questions in the middle of #MeToo movement.

More recently, Biden has refused to back down from the comments, touting his ability as a senator to work with the racial segregation southern senators. He used to complain about the line, the end of civility in Washington, the representatives of the people say used to be able to talk to each other and get things done, even if you disagree vehemently with each other. Still, some of his Democratic primary rivals, including African-American Sens. Kamala Harris and Cory Booker, criticized Biden for his comments and said he should not be proud of its past, the relationships with the racial segregation of the senators.

And then there are the policy positions: Biden reversed its position in support of the so-called Hyde Amendment – which bars taxpayer-funded abortions-after an outcry by the liberals. Biden has not endorsed “Medicare for all”, a favorite health plan of the progressive base. His role in the craft tough crime legislation in the 1990s, is back in the spotlight. And while Biden an ambitious climate published plan, his campaign faced, claiming that it plagiarized parts.

The Angry SocialistVideo

Bernie Sanders, Vermont senator, and runner-up in the year, attracted to the 2016 primaries, also consistently polls at the top of the Democratic field, with an ardent following of young progressive, his democratic-socialist platform. But keep Sanders cool when faced with questions he doesn’t like?

In previous interactions with journalists, Sanders has shown a tendency to be tempted to turn to.

Pressed by a New York Times reporter about his activism in relation to Nicaragua, while mayor in the 1980s, a frustrated Sanders shot back that “with all due respect, you don’t understand a word I say.”

To laugh during a Fox News town hall in April, Sanders began to contemptuously as an anchor Baier and Martha MacCallum and Bret asked him why he held in his Hand, on his wealth rather than denial of deductions or write a check to the Treasury Department. He asked instead, why MacCallum donate your salary. “I didn’t want to answer, propose a wealth tax,” MacCallum.

Dude, Where’s My policy?Video

Beto O’rourke, former Texas Congressman, the observed fast Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz defeated in one of the most accurate race last year, the 2020 Democratic race with a lot of fanfare and a front-page cover appeared on the Vanity Fair magazine.

But since then, O’rourke declined the survey values are strong, and he fought the impression that, although charismatic, he is light on policy details.

Earlier this year, O’rourke criticism after a particularly unflattering interview in The Washington Post portrays him as questionable and uncertain on a variety of key policy issues — and included a comment that seemed to be the question of the current meaning of the U.S. Constitution. Asked what could be done to illegal immigrants who overstayed their visas, O’rourke, I know you like the paper at the time, “it.”

O’rourke has, since the publication of campaign platforms on climate change and immigration, calling for a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants in the country. But you watch, if O’rourke can you avoid platitudes and appear as a serious political thinking candidate when he appears on the debate stage.

Law and order Overload –Video

Kamala Harris, the California senator who was once the attorney General of the state of California and San Francisco district attorney, to Prosecutor’s office the background, while high-profile Congress to portray the hearings as a fighter at a time, Democrats want to toe a candidate who can go-toe with President Trump.

While her style has won high marks from liberals, Harris has also faced progressive criticism of their record company. In a New York Times op-ed earlier this year, Lara Bazelon, a University of San Francisco, associate professor of law, wrote: “from time to time, when progressives urged it to embrace criminal justice reforms as a state attorney and then state attorney general, Ms. Harris against them or remained silent.” Bazelon is also the Most disturbing written, “Ms. Harris fought tooth and nail to preserve wrongful convictions, which was backed up on official misconduct, which included evidence tampering, false testimony and the suppression of important information by the Prosecutor included.”

The question for Harris is, whether you can use your accuser’s past as an asset, while an effective reply to the criticism of their record company. After entering the race this year, Harris said that she regretted how certain cases were handled while she worked as a top Prosecutor in California, but defended its actions.

“I had to defend a variety of clients, the committed I was, and to represent,” Harris said at a press conference, when you announced your campaign. “And I could not customer the fire of my. And there was also, unfortunately, situations occurred where my clients took positions contrary to my beliefs.”

Master effectsVideo

Elizabeth Warren, has seen a progressive favorite and senator from Massachusetts, your poll numbers rise in recent weeks, as she was trying to portray, which aligned itself as a wonkish, policy, candidate. But you still can’t shake the controversy over her past claims of Native American ancestry.

While Trump has repeatedly dismissed as “Pocahontas”, it is only the Republicans, to ask her questions about her past claims. Last month, a radio interview turned awkward after the host pressed Warren on her past claims of Native American ancestry and told her, “you are a bit like the original Rachel Dolezal.”

In an interview with the “Charlamagne tha God” on the syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club” Warren regret on your past claims.

“I’m not a person of color, I’m told citizens of a tribe,” Warren. “And I should not have done.”

Warren explains that the reason why, she claimed, was the ancestors in the past, because she was, told stories about their heritage from their family. But last year they published the results of a DNA test will show, it is only between 1/64th and 1/1,024 th Native American — and apologized for identification as a Native American on the past forms.

Warren has denied the benefit of their ancestors claims, even if you are applying for jobs.

South Bend And The Storm– Video

There is no question that Pete Buttigieg, the 37-year-old Indiana mayor, was the break-out star of the primary so far. Hardly known to a national audience before he got into the race, Buttigieg, used, good to get appearances in the media to grow and establish itself as a top-tier candidate, with the argument that he has had more Executive experience as a mayor, than either trump or Vice President Pence, to be elected.

Now, his mayoral tasks turn into a potential liability.

Buttigieg – who, despite his ascension has struggled to win black voters – now-a-fight with the racist riots back home in South Bend, as the city shoot himself involved with a deadly police -.

To hurt “now, my hometown of South Bend,” Buttigieg wrote in a recent email to supporters. “Last weekend, a member of our South Bend community, a Black man named Eric Logan lost his life in the hands of another member of our congregation – a white police officer.”

Buttigieg, the canceled appointments in the election campaign for dealing with the controversy was to say screwed over by the city police union, which released a statement, “mayor Buttigieg focus of this incident is solely for his political gain and not the health of the city, in which he serves.”

Buttigieg expect to face questions about his leadership.

Fox News Gregg Re contributed to this report.

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