Cancerous growth is thanks to the new invention quickly detected

Cancerous growth is thanks to the new invention quickly detected

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The university of Texas in Austin has a tool designed to quickly and accurately cancerous tissues can discover.

Within ten seconds, the device, which looks like a pen, a diagnosis. So know surgeons which tissue they need to remove and what to keep. That writes The Volkskrant on Thursday on the basis of the scientific journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday.

This technology can ensure that all unhealthy tissue is removed, what is the prognosis and survival improves. Also, it reduces the chance that healthy tissue is removed, for example, what ever the case is at borstkankeroperaties. The patients are thus risk of pain and nerve damage.

The current method that is used, called Frozen Section Analysis, is not always accurate. It often takes more than thirty minutes before a sample of tissue can be analyzed, which includes the risk of infections increases.


In tests, where tissue is removed at 253 cancer patients, managed the MasSpec Pen in it within ten seconds with a diagnosis, and this result was accurate in 96 per cent of the cases. It was also the tool is cancer discovered in areas where both healthy – if cancer tissue was.

In 2018 will be the MasSpec Pen be further tested during oncological operations. According to the researchers who were involved in the project operations due to the invention of more accurate, safer, and expired more quickly.

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