‘Cancer patient choose to not be aware of the hospital and it is difficult to information

More than half of the cancer patients in the Netherlands are not thinking about which hospital is the most appropriate for the treatment of cancer. In fact, one in five would be something else to do if it comes down to the choice of a hospital.

This is according to research by the Federation of Kankerpatiëntenorganisaties (NFK) to more than 7.300 men who have cancer or have had it. Highly-educated people to think more about the choice of the low-skilled.

A lot of cancer patients to choose a hospital that is close to them, or that they already know. This is not always the best option for treating the type of cancer the patient has. Nearly one-half of all patients to let them know not to know where to find the information for that choice to be found.

NFK managing director Arja Broenland call this a very, very dangerous. “This is the time of rapid data and information, but there is no comprehensive information on cancer patients to the appropriate hospital for you to choose from,” she states.

“Just the information over, for example, the surgical results, you’re not the patient. That’s why we work hard to develop open, reliable and easily understandable choice information to hospitals. We want to have for each and every form of cancer, it is clear where the level of expertise available.”

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