Canada ‘overreaction’ to US-and aluminum-rates, WH economic Advisor Larry Kudlow says

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Larry Kudlow speaks North-Korea summit, trade war fears

The insight of President Trump’s top economic adviser on ‘Fox News Sunday.’

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is steel “overreaction” to impose President Trump the decision-and aluminum-rates in the country, National Economic Council Director Larry Kudlow said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“To say that this is an attack on Canada”, says Kudlow, who last week compared the situation to a “family disagreement.”

“I don’t think our rates have nothing to do with our friendship and longstanding Alliance with Canada,” said Kudlow. He added: “This is a commercial dispute, if you will. It can be solved, if people work together.”

The comments came as Trudeau took an aggressive tone on “Meet the Press” in an interview broadcast on Sunday, as he compensated for in Canada compared to the stoic, “” moose.

“This is a commercial dispute, if you will. It can be solved, if people work together.”

– WH economic Advisor Larry Kudlow

“We’re going to be polite, but we’re not going to be pushed around,” Trudeau said.

This MORNING: @Justin Trudeau says he took was the advice of Obama, that “something that was very reassuring.” Trudeau says Canada, “we’re going to be polite, but we’re not going to be pushed around.” #MTP

— Meet the press (@MeetThePress) 3. June 2018

CANADA HOPES to TRADE retaliation measures to GET TRUMP BACK DOWN

But Trudeau, who on Thursday called the tariffs “unacceptable” indicates that he was open to the kind of reconciliation that Kudlow suggested.

“We are aware that we are working together and together with the United States and, quite frankly, was my point, with the President from the beginning,” Trudeau.

Trump had originally introduced the new tariffs in March — say, the dependence on imported metals, is a threat to the national security-but not before he had freed them, to buy Canada, Mexico and the European Union, the time for negotiations.

After trump raised the tax exemptions, Trudeau tweeted last week that the measure amounted to an “attack on our industry,” and to impose vowed “to dollar-for-dollar” retaliatory tariffs on the United States

American duties on Canadian aluminum & steel are not acceptable. As we have said, we will always stand up for our employees, and today we are announcing that retaliation to this attack on our industry.

— Justin Trudeau (@Justin Trudeau) May 31, 2018

“Our soldiers who fought and died together on the beaches of the second world war and the mountains of Afghanistan, and stood shoulder-to-shoulder in some of the most difficult places in the world, are always there for each other, somehow — that is an insult for them,” Trudeau said on “Meet the Press.”


“The idea that the Canadian steel, military, military-vehicles in the United States, the Canadian aluminum, makes, the, your, your fighter is somehow now a threat?”, he continued. “The idea that we are somehow a threat to the national security of the United States, frankly, pretty offensive and unacceptable.”

But in an interview on Fox Business Network’s “Sunday Morning Futures,” House National Trade Council-Director Peter Navarro said that the tariffs are necessary “for national security reasons.”

“The issue of national security is a flood of imports from 20 countries, our aluminum and steel industry out of business— – – the national security interest … is to defend us against the flood of imports, so that those industries can survive on,” Navarro said.

“The President is for the defence of this country,” he added.

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