Can repair themselves from ‘Star Wars’ droid L3-37 come to life? Not at all

Phoebe Waller-Bridge plays L3-37 in “Solo: A Star Wars Story”


Is the newest smartphone in the ‘Star Wars’ universe is the future of modern robotics?

In the recently released film “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” the droid L3-37, also known as L3 or Elthree, exhibited in a unique set of properties under the “Star Wars” robots. The intelligent pilot droid is always changing, improving and repairing itself with waste from other bots. L3 is also one of the first bots in the “Star Wars” franchise, to bring female programming, an important role.

L3 is a mix of different droids and astromechs that are robots mostly used for repairs on board of ships in “Star Wars.” She is “a bit of a mutt,” as the film makers said, according to a new column published yesterday (20 June) in the journal Science Robotics. In this piece, Robin R. Murphy, artificial intelligence and robotics expert and professor at the Texas A&M University, discussed the potential applications of robots such as L3 and how close we are to the build. [R2-D2 Gets Real: ‘Star Wars’ Droids Already Exist]

In the article, Murphy described three main advantages of self-reconfigurable robots would have than traditional machines: They could be more efficient at different tasks; they can be produced cheaper than robots built for a unique set of tasks, and she was able to recover and to respond to any failures.

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But how far are we with the building of such a bot? According to Murphy, is not clean.

A self-reconfiguring bone if L3 would need to ensure that found and various hardware, electronics and software fit together if it is changed itself, and changes and repairs, said Murphy, but how is all this going to work?”

Within 10 years, we will see self-reconfiguring and self-modifying robots, but they probably won’t be as L3, Murphy said. While Murphy said that robots will probably, and hopefully, better recovery, it is less clear whether we ever are able to make a bot with human-like intelligence as L3. [6 Humanoid Robots Used for Space Exploration]

We have the ability of building a “Star Wars” robots, but Murphy talked about the promise of bots, such as the International Space Station, Dextre, which helps in the repair of other bots and equipment on board the space station. However, as Murphy told a man must program Dextre, which is operated by a robot controller, so that it is not in function and confirm on his own. This and other robots aboard the space station not only the repair of each other; not robots, ” says another, “Hey, help me solve this part,” Murphy joked.

And yet, “I have no robots who are trying to organize a robot uprising,” Murphy added.

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