Campers remember previous shootings in California site where a renowned scientist was killed



Father shot dead in front of the daughters during the camping trip

California man shot and killed while on the camping trip with his two young girls, 2 and 4, at Malibu Creek State Park camping.

The California camping where a renowned 35-year-old scientist was shot dead alongside his two young daughters is no stranger to gunfire, campers, said Monday.

Previous accounts of gunfire in the Malibu Creek State Park in Calabasas emerged as authorities tried to piece together the clues in the murder of Tristan Beaudette, a chemist for the pharmaceutical company Allergan. Witnesses told the Los Angeles Times that the photos have been reported on the site.

James Rogers, a wildlife biologist, is walking in the Tapia Park, just south of Malibu Creek State Park, in November 2016, when he is hit by birdshot. He said at The Time he had a surgery to remove the pellets that struck him in the arm that day.

“And I heard a loud bang and then felt a burning sensation in my arm and fell to the ground,” he said. “Before I could look at my wound, I did a quick check of the perimeter and I saw nothing.”

Tristan Beaudette, 35, was fatally shot in front of his two young daughters, while on a camping trip in Southern California.


Rogers said he did not realise how serious his injury was until he got to the hospital. He said that he believes that he was shot in the neighborhood. He said that he was shot at about 200 metres from Malibu Canyon Road.

He said there was no real progress has been made in the shooting investigation, and he is worried that the shooter may have gotten sharper in the past few years.

“I was told by people who work there, there are several other shootings,” Rogers told the newspaper.

Meliss Tatangelo said she was camping in her Honda in January 2017, when she heard a loud noise in the early morning.

She did not directly to the outside, but when she and one other motorhome investigated, they discovered what they believed to be a shotgun around in the back of her car, according to the paper. She said that she believes that the round was fired from about 20 meters away.

“And I heard a loud bang and then felt a burning sensation in my arm and fell to the ground.”

– James Rogers, camper

Beaudette, Irvine, was bleeding from a wound to the chest when deputies found him in a tent early Friday on the campsite. Authorities said Beaudette was shot once in the upper body.

Researchers to know about the shooting of reports and started reading, but have no evidence that links the earlier shootings to Beaudette, the murder, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lt. Rodney Moore said.

“The theory works, he was shot in the tent,” Moore said. “The children were in the tent.”

Beaudette is remembered as a dedicated father, that “true joy in his life with his children.

“The grief and trauma that this damage has caused our family is indescribable,” a family statement read.

Malibu Creek State Park is closed on Monday as officials investigate the murder.

Fox News’ Rob Gearty contributed to this report.

Ryan Gaydos is an editor for Fox News. Follow him on Twitter @RyanGaydos.

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