‘Campaign team Trump had contact with Russian intelligence service’

‘Campaign team Trump had contact with Russian intelligence service’

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Members of the presidential campaign of Donald Trump had a year before the elections repeated contact with topleden within the Russian intelligence services.

Intercepted telephone conversations and transcripts of phone calls point to this report four Us officials to The New York Times.

The sources say that the intercepted communication was not limited only to members of the Trump campaign, also other employees of Trump were involved. They would not only have spoken with people within the Russian intelligence services, but also with members of the Russian government.

The officers spoke with the American newspaper on the condition that they are anonymous should remain, because it is still ongoing investigation as the secret is known.

Hack Democrats

American intelligence services intercepted the communications around the same time that they evidence sought that Russia is behind the hack of the Democrats sat. Looking or the campaign team samenspande with the Russians in the hack or in other ways to influence elections. Proof of this would not have been found.

The contact with the Russians took place in the time that Trump during the election campaign positive uitliet about the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Later in the campaign showed Trump himself mentioned that he hoped that the Russian intelligence services, e-mails from Hillary Clinton had stolen and to make them public would make.

Paul Manafort

One of the advisers of Trump, who with the Russians spoke, Paul Manafort, who last year for a few months Trumps campaign chairman. He also had as a political consultant, worked in Russia and Ukraine. The officials tell the newspaper not which employees even more in the phone calls have come to the fore.

Manafort himself rejects the allegations against The New York Times. “This is absurd. I have no idea what this refers to,” he said. He denies that he ever consciously have been in contact with Russian intelligence services or the Russian government.

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The intercepted information and transcriptions according to the newspaper, part of a larger FBI investigation into the alleged ties between employees of Trump and the Russian government, as well as the hack for the Democrats.

It is unclear yet what has been discussed during the talks, which Russian officials have spoken and how many employees of Trump have had contact with Russia. It is also not yet clear whether the conversations had with Trump himself.

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