Campaign encourages chefs to sustainability on the menu

With One Planet Plate wants to be the Sustainable Restaurant Association chefs anywhere in the world promote a sustainable dish on the menu. Clients should be more aware of the impact of their diet on the planet.

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The Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a British organisation that is a global desire for more sustainability in the culinary sector. Since its creation in 2009, the SRA, the work expanded from traditional restaurants to pubs, cafes, staff restaurants and other caterers.

One Planet Plate

With the new campaign, One Planet Plate, the SRA chefs everywhere in the world urge for a damn delicious, but durable dish to their menu to add. That way the SRA customers more aware of the impact of our diet on the planet.

The campaign will be officially launched on 24 march, but now gets all the attention and support of big names, including the Israeli-British chef and author of cookbooks Yotam Ottolenghi.


According to the SRA, affected the interest of the public for sustainable food in a momentum now, and chefs experiment more with vegetarian dishes, and scientists are more and better alternatives to meat to develop. In particular, the young, upcoming generation sets are more questions on the impact of food production on the planet, and the ethical aspect of meat consumption.

As restaurants go along with that trend, is for them a way to a new generation of consumers to them to bind.

Seasonal and traceable

Chefs that a One Planet Plate on the menu, according to the SRA campaign to at least one of the major challenges for our food system requirements: use local and seasonal products in the range are vegetarian, use smaller portions of meat that was grown in accordance with high ethical standards, sustainable fish is served, of which the origin is traceable, in to offer a solution for any food surpluses and the use of natural resources as low as possible from the farm to the dinner plate.

The launch of the campaign on 24 march coincided with WWF’s Earth Hour, where families and companies are invited to the lighting and electrical equipment that day for an hour to extinguish.

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